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NEW! Active Count

Here’s the drill, you comment with this info:

1. Name

2. Rank

3. Do you consider yourself active in AW still?

Comment with that stuff if you are a current member. If not, comment here first, then comment here 🙂

I need to know who is still an active member of this army. This will determine what our next event will be.

Oh, and did I mention commenting on an active post can release the “at risk of demotion” status on your rank. 😉


Former Leader/ Current Adviser


Recruiting Session

Aan10 Edit: Did ATM make a header?
Triton (Sky) Edit: Guys, I’m gonna give up my 2ic posistion for an Adviser spot. I’m still gonna try to make events & be on chat. I’m really stressed atm. Btw, thanks ATM for the header 😀
Hey Everyone, we will be having a second recriting session. Honestly the first event this week (recruiting session) went very well, but the other two kind of puffed out. I will not stand for such an embarassing end of an event series like that.

So guess what we have on Saturday! Hint: read the title.

We have a recruiting session this Saturday!! The time is earlier than usual, so comment as soon as you know if you wil or WILL NOT be able to attend. If I get zero feedback, the ranks page may get edited. If I DO get feedback, I will be sure to maintain if not promote the current ranks.

Here’s the info:


When: Sat. March 17th

Time: 1:00 Pm, EST

12:00 Noon, CST

11:00 Am, MST

10:00 Am, PST

Server: Beanie or Aurora (to be decided in chat)


I would love for every single active member to attend, because if you do not, your rank may be at stake. Once again though, communicate with me and let me know if you can or cannot attend. That will promt me to extend mercy on your rank.


If you attend the event, you WILL be up for promotion.

We need to fill the ranks, and get people moving up the ranks. Recruiting events accomplish both.


Former Leader/ Active Adviser


This will be updated each day after the scheduled event with news and pictures.


Recruiting went pretty well, here are a few pictures. The AW staff can add any they took.


Aan10 Edit: I am just going to fill in the ranks on here as people become active again or join.

This can be revised, just comment if you have any input for me. If you are on the site, feel free to edit in your response 😉

New rank structure:

General- Aan10

Lieutenant General-  Pokeeg

Major General-


Brigadier General- Kotsad

Colonel- Johnylumber, Carnage467,Wyoskyguy







If you have any ideas, let me know in a comment. Otherwise……


That includes everyone. Literally, everyone. Comment so we know if you are active, and so I can list you on our ranks! You might want to let me know what you think you should be ranked, and why (experience and whatnot), or just be like, “Yo I wanna be a leader, man!” To which, I will respond, “Bro, you have now been listed in the prestigious rank of private! Way to win homeskillet.” Just kidding, but if I get a lot of that stuff, I just might start putting people down as a private….


Taking Another Swing At Things

Well hello everyone!

I suppose it’s been quite a while since I last stopped by, and even longer since I did more than stop by. Either way, I am revisiting CP armies because of a few reasons. What those are exactly, are as follows;

-I visited the CPUN last week and sparked my interest once again in armies

-The Aqua Warriors are trying to make a comeback, and I will do anything to help out

-My time away has allowed my graphic skills to take a considerable leap in quality

-Starting next school year, I will be enrolled in a graphic design class which will give me more free time

I guess I could go on forever, so I’ll stop there. The bottom line, is that I’m back for a while to help the CPUN, and AW if you will have me. I think the Aqua Warriors could have a real chance at rebounding from our past shutdowns and slowdowns and I want to be here to help get us there.

I would like to see some interaction on this website with AW members, or friends, and some more frequent activity. I updated the site header, and I am working on a new background. It probably won’t be to drastic, but maybe a color change to match the header more.

With more activity going on here, we’ll get more attention from others in the army community, and then the soldiering part will come more easily. First, we have to achieve the busyness that is required. More chat interaction is a good start as well.

As an added bonus, if I see anyone on chat or commenting frequently on this site I will be the first to promote them. That also brings up the topic of ranks…. Right now, they’re old, outdated and obsolete. So, I’ll save a copy of them, then erase it all. Comment if you want a place on them, and I’ll begin filling them in with current members.

Hope this wasn’t too long to bore you. Thanks for reading, if you did.


Temporary Break

Hey guys, this is Layne, as some of you may know, Aan10 and I know each other in real life. He and I have both been very busy and don’t think it’s fair to let AW get slower and die because we don’t have the time to keep up the site. So we decided it’s in AW’s best interest to kind of go into a snooze mode until June. By that time summer will have begun for most people including me and Aan. I also believe Elimz will be done by then as well as some other higher ranked officers. So please don’t be freaking out if you comment and it’s not approved right away or if your army challenges us and gets no response. In fact, any armies that challenge us until June will be flat out ignored, not because we don’t care, but because we’re pretty much hibernating as an army.

So please do not quit or retire because AW seems to be moving a little slow in the next month and a half, we’re taking a break. We will be back in June though, and our new system for ranks and management will be put into place.

In the mean time, I will try my best to approve all comments on the site, I don’t think many will get answered, but they won’t be stuck pending till June.

See you guys in a few weeks!!

-Layne and Aan10

What this army is about…

I’ve been very busy lately, as many of you are I’m sure. In my time away from AW, I’ve done a lot if thinking. This army should be a refuge from your daily lives when things get hectic or crazy. You should be able to log onto CP, our chat, or our website and be able to hang out with a bunch of friends. That’s why CP armies were made right? To have fun online with a bunch of friends. So why are things getting so serious and political on here? Why has this become a headache and a pain in your butt then? Well because people are trying to make this real, trying to make this a second world to the real one. That’s great and all, but doesn’t exactly work out well for a bunch of young teens who just want to have fun. Instead it creates stress and tension. That’s what has lead to my seclusion and Aan’s as well I think. Armies become too much of a burden for any one person to handle, while managing their lives outside the virtual world. Because of this revelation I have thought of a few things that I will now share with you. A proposal of what AW could be if it’s soldiers would like:
1. No severe punishments or demotion for not coming to events
2. Promotion for social interaction with fellow soldiers and leaders
3. Promotion for attendance of events
4. Demotion for compete neglect of the army (basically if you leave for long periods of time)
Let me know what you think of this or if you have any ideas or things you disagree with/ agree with.
I want AW to be a hangout of an army basically, trust me, I still want to beat the pants off any opponents, but I want us to have fun above all.

Thanks for reading my whole spill here 🙂