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Recruiting Session

Aan10 Edit: Did ATM make a header?
Triton (Sky) Edit: Guys, I’m gonna give up my 2ic posistion for an Adviser spot. I’m still gonna try to make events & be on chat. I’m really stressed atm. Btw, thanks ATM for the header 😀
Hey Everyone, we will be having a second recriting session. Honestly the first event this week (recruiting session) went very well, but the other two kind of puffed out. I will not stand for such an embarassing end of an event series like that.

So guess what we have on Saturday! Hint: read the title.

We have a recruiting session this Saturday!! The time is earlier than usual, so comment as soon as you know if you wil or WILL NOT be able to attend. If I get zero feedback, the ranks page may get edited. If I DO get feedback, I will be sure to maintain if not promote the current ranks.

Here’s the info:


When: Sat. March 17th

Time: 1:00 Pm, EST

12:00 Noon, CST

11:00 Am, MST

10:00 Am, PST

Server: Beanie or Aurora (to be decided in chat)


I would love for every single active member to attend, because if you do not, your rank may be at stake. Once again though, communicate with me and let me know if you can or cannot attend. That will promt me to extend mercy on your rank.


If you attend the event, you WILL be up for promotion.

We need to fill the ranks, and get people moving up the ranks. Recruiting events accomplish both.


Former Leader/ Active Adviser


Saturday Events!!

Grillchz200: I’m sorry I haven’t been posting or doing much of anything for that matter. Well the problem was that I ended up having a lot of school work to do and a lot of homework and some school work I ended up having to bring home, but I will be much more active with break starting. Oh, and I didn’t know what edit color I should use so I chose this. Just change the color of this if you want or you could tell me the open colors, thanks! 🙂

There are a few events that everyone should be aware of…
1. There is a practice battle against BMA on Saturday the 19th at 10am PST, 1pm EST, 12pm noon CST, 11am MST on the server Jack Frost.
2. We will be defending our server Snow Day from Tornado Force in an invasion at 11:30 PST (when the pb ends this will start one hour later).
3. If you come to one, you may be promoted, if you come to both, you will be promoted.

These events are only an hour apart so I would expect you to make both of them. Please do not force me to demote people for not showing up, but I will.
As always, you can avoid demotion by commenting if you will not come, and it would not hurt your chances at a promotion by communing that you can come. 🙂



Aan10 Edit: Remember to read Elimz’s defense insert at the bottom of this post! 🙂

I haven’t seen much going on around here lately and thought I should let everyone know that we are expected to be at a tournament on Sunday. Here is the info for the 28th.

From the Small Army Central: http://cpsmallarmycenteral.wordpress.com/


  • No Bots
  • No Allies
  • No Joke Bombs (just to make the battles a little more interesting)
  • Battles last for 30 mins
  • Battles must not start earlier or later than the given time
  • You must battle in 3 rooms for 10 minutes
  • the army that wins the most out of the 3 battles wins

If your army breaks a rule they will be automatically defeated or even disqualified from the whole competition. The Details: Group Stages:

Group A:

  1. Cookies of Club Penguin
  2. Aqua Warriors of Club Penguin
  3. Expedition Army of Club Penguin
  4. Snow Warriors of Club Penguin

Server: Walrus

Judge:  123John3

Group B:

  1. Club Penguin Ranger Troops
  2. Impossible Mission Army Force
  3. Penguin Mafia
  4. Ice Vikings of Club Penguin

Server:  Muluk

Judge: Skyfish

Group C:

  1. Team Red of Club Penguin
  2. Puffle Warriors of Club Penguin
  3. Blue Army of Club Penguin
  4. Blue Puffles of Club Penguin

Server: Vanilla

Judge: Doodygirl1

Group D:

  1. Club Penguin Supreme Army
  2. Club Penguin Navy
  3. Cowboys of Club Penguin
  4. Thunder Warriors of Club Penguin

Server: Cozy

Judge: Josiv2000

There are four groups, each group contains four armies. Each army will have a number, either 1,2,3 or 4. The number is the number your army is given in the group listings above. For an example the Aqua Warriors of Club Penguin are number 2 in group A. Each army will battle every army in their group  once. Every battle will be judged by one of our judges. I have tried to make the groups as fair as I can and add a bit of taste to them like putting the two puffle and viking armies up against each other. Each group is given a server. All battles in that group will be fought on that server. All battles will be fought in the Snow Forts. The fixtures (times and dates) of the battles are listed below. Each group has a judge. The judge will to judge every battle in the group. I no judge shows up we rely on the two armies to agree on the result of the battle or both armies will be given 0 points. Fixtures: key/Legend:

  • A = Group A
  • B = Group B
  • C = Group C
  • D = Group D
  • 1 =  Army 1
  • 2 =  Army 2
  • 3 = Army 3
  • 4 = Army 4

Saturday 27th November 2010 11 PM Penguin Standard Time, 7 PM United Kingdom Time, 2 PM Eastern Standard Time, 1pm Central Standard Time, 12 PM Mountain Standard Time, 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

To work out how to find your army take the letter of your group then add the number of your army in the group.

Example: Cookies of Club Penguin = A1

  • A1 Versus A3
  • B1 Versus B3
  • C1 Versus C3
  • D1 Versus D3

Sunday 28th November 2010 11 PM Penguin Standard Time, 7 PM United Kingdom Time, 2 PM Eastern Standard Time

To find your army take the letter of your group then add the number of your army in the group. Example: Cookies of Club Penguin = A1

  • A2 Versus A4
  • B2 Versus B4
  • C2 Versus C4
  • D2 Versus D4

Please post the details on you army’s site

We should go to this and finish strong because apparently we have missed one of the battles. I will not watch us loose our credibility. If you come to this you will be up for promotion. If you don’t, you will be demoted.

-Aan10, Retired AW Leader, Current Advisor


I’m sorry for posting this so late, guys. But the Earth Warriors are Invading our Capital, Snow Day from us! We already lost a lot of servers. Let’s not lose this one!

5:oo PM EST

4:oo PM CST

3:00 PM Mountain

2:oo PM Pacific.

November, 27th! Day before the tournament!


Practice Battles You MUST Attend

This is our major chance to shine. I expect everyone to be there. Here are the times and opponents.

Practice Battle with the Earth Warriors


When: Tuesday, August 3rd
3:00pm PST
4:00pm MST
5:00pm CST
6:00pm EST
7:00pm GMT
9:00am UK
Server: Sabertooth
Go to chat for CP instructions


Practice Battle with Fire Nation Warriors

When: Sunday, August 1st

4:00pm PST

5:00pm MST

6:00 pm CST

7:00 pm EST

8:00pm GMT

12:00am UK

Server: Sabertooth

Go to chat for CP instructions


❗ Comment if you can or cannot come ❗


Make sure you go on chat for these events. These practice battles are mandatory. You will be demoted if you do not come without prior notice.

~I will work harder.

**Invasion of Snowy River**

!!!!!!!!!!ALL AW TO SNOWY RIVER NOW!!!!!!!!

** Means this is a mandatory event. Without a comment excusing you beforehand, you could be demoted.

Elimz Edit: I might not make this! I might be rreally late or really early. So this is a warning, I might not make it!

Soundbooth: Ill be there. So If no leaders are there i can help take over.

Hey guys. Here is a invasion. Here are the times. Since our active count was awesome, I hope the invasion will also be awesome. After this invasion, I think I will hold a pb with the Rain Fighters or other armies based on this. The aqua warriors always have been quiet. We need to get noticed.

4:00 PM PST

5:00 MST

6:00 CST

7:00 EST

12:00 AM UK

Go on chat so we can coordinate where we go. REMEMBER, THIS MONDAY, THE 26th!!


~I will work harder.


Week Of Events

Hey Peeps we need to get more active so we are having the…

Invasion of Snow Day:

Opponent: No one

Reason: We need more servers.


5:00 PST

6:00 MST

7:00 CST

8:00 EST

1:00 AM UK

Room: Start at town.

Date: 7/15/10.

Invasion of Snow Covered:

3:00 PST

4:00 MST

5:00 CST

6:00 EST

11:00 UK

When: 7/16/10.

Where: At town.

Recruiting in Deep Snow:

5:00 PM PST

6:00 MST

7:00 CST

8:00 EST

1:00 AM UK

Date: 7/17/10.

Start at town.

Practice Battle With Moon Warriors:

Server: Sabertooth


4:00 PM PST

5:00 MST

6:00 CST,

7:00 EST,

12:00 AM UK

Date: 7/18/10.



Btw,these are our new uniforms. They are easy and I think anyone can simply follow it.
Remeber that you can still wear the old uniform, or anything close.

Second Tournament Battle

Aan10 Edit: We need to be more active on our chat. I would love to go on every afternoon and see people on there talking! If I happen to come on this week, and I see you, you will either get a promotion or a couple medals depending on your rank. I don’t like to see an empty chat! Do you want to make some good friends and improve cooperation? Go on!

The second CPUN tournament battle will be under way on Wednesday between CP Defenders and CP Rangers. It would be a good idea for any AW troops to attend (in “civilian clothes”) to observe the battle. If you go and take a picture of you during the battle, I will award medals. Remember, medals can earn you all sorts of prizes, including a promotion! So attend the battle to get a little refresher on CP warfare before our battle with the CP Blue Force.

I will be out of town on Friday and Saturday, so I am trying to arrange our battle with CPBF to be on Thursday or Sunday. If not, Soundbooth or the next highest ranking officer may lead. I expect to be there otherwise.

Please comment and let me know what day works best for you. Thursday? Friday? Saturday? Sunday? Comment!

~When you got one shot, make it count~