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    Soundbooth’s epic stories! 😀

    This is a page for Aqua Warriors stories! Submit your story here!

    Orange Mess

    by Soundbooth

    Chapter 1

    It all started on a cold, windy night. The only sound was of snowballs whizzing by. Visibility was low. I would lie there in my fox hole all night, waiting for Aan10 to give an order, but you couldn’t see a flipper in front of your own face. Nor could you hear yourself shout. After 2 hours the fog and wind calmed down. When I looked around, there where no Aqua Warriors to be seen. I looked, and shouted, but got no response. I had no idea what had happened, then it hit me. While I was throwing snowballs all night, I must have missed the order to fall back. I went a little farther ahead, and saw a group of Orange Flame Rebels! They were sitting near a tree with an Aqua Warrior tied to it. I quickly ducked behind some cover, hoping they wouldn’t see me! They didn’t. I looked at the soldier and tried to figure out who it was. Then when he looked my way, saw me, looked me in the eye, and I knew who he was. It was Aan10! Our own leader! I couldn’t believe they had gotten him! I didn’t know what to do. I hoped that OFR didn’t know who he was. I didn’t think they did. Then, in my panic, I saw Aan10 gave me a flipper signal saying “fall back, save yourself”. That reminded me how nobel he was, always willing to take the fall and sacrifice himself for the army. But I knew I couldn’t leave him. So I went to find help. While I was in the forrest, someone grabbed me and pulled me down!

    Chapter 2

    I looked up in fear, and all I saw was brown. When when my vision became clear, I saw it was a Brownie! I was relived to see a friendly face! So was he! When he finally got off of me he said, “You’re an Aqua Warrior? What are you doing out here? You guys weren’t supposed to be with us! You were supposed to be on the other side of the island!”

    I replied, “We had a mix up. My name is Soundbooth. Can you help me? My leader was captured!”

    “Well I’m Fudge! We allies gotta stick together.”

    Then it was clear to me, Fudge and I would have to free Aan10 and find back-up. But we had no clue how to do that. So I came up with an idea. “Look, Aan10 is very important, I say we get him first.”

    But Fudge thought we needed to find our allies first then help Aan1o.

    “But it may be too late!” I said.

    So he told me, “Well who is in charge here? What rank are you?”

    I told him I was a captain. He told me that he was a captain too!

    “We sure are in a pickle then!” he said, “We have got to agree!”

    After a few minutes we agreed to rescue Aan10.

    Chapter 3

    When we looked at the tree where Aan10 was, we saw them loading him into a wagon all tied up. He still put up a pretty big fight! Then I saw a rebel slap him! My rage burned and I opened fire!

    “ARE YOU CRAZY!?” Fudge yelled. But it was too late, they noticed and had started to fire back. It was all snow after that. We took 3 of them out! They ran away covered in snow! Then, some other OFR put him in the wagon and rode off!

    “AFTER THEM!!!” I shouted. So we ran as fast as we could to the wagon. When we caught up to the wagon, noticed us. He looked shocked. As we ran, I went to knock a rebel off the riders seat. I jumped at him, but he shook me off. I landed right in front of the wagon!

    Chapter 4

    My entire life flashed before my eyes! Then just as the wagon was a about to hit me, Fudge dove in front of the wagon, and pushed me out of the way. I rolled to the side of the road, but didn’t see Fudge.

    When the wagon passed, Fudge wasn’t there!

    “Fudge?!” I yelled. There was no response. Then I saw him on the other side of the road!

    “Are you ok?!”I asked.

    “Yeah, just a little shaken up is all.” He replied weakly.

    After a short while, he got up. We tried to figure out where we where and where Aan1o was.

    “Follow the tracks?” Asked Fudge.

    “Good thinking!” I replied.

    I started to move, but I looked down and saw that Fudge had hurt his foot! He couldn’t walk so he used my Snow-Launcher 5000 as a crutch. We walked 2 miles until we saw an orange base.

    Chapter 5

    When we arrived at the base, we saw Aan10 against a wall. A rebel had an ice launcher pointed at his head! I grabbed my snow pistol, and took a shot at him. It hit the guy right in the head! He looked at me with anger in his eyes. Then they charged us! The entire base came at us, leaving Aan10 unguarded. I yelled, “Run Aan10, run!!!!!” He ran, but toward us! He picked up a launcher, ready to fight! That was the true measure of a great leader. Risking his life, for a soldier like me. We fought together for 10 minutes, then OFR fell back! We had come to save Aan10, but he had actually saved us!

    Chapter 6

    When we were sure they had all left, Aan10 turned to me and asked, “Name and rank soldier?”

    “Soundbooth, Captain, sir!” I replied.

    Then he looked at Fudge and said, “A brownie? Wow Soundbooth, you must have been lost!”

    Fudge chuckled then looked at me. “Yes sir, I outta find my unit now if you don’t mind.”

    Aan10 relpied, “No need, I know where they are. Follow me…?”

    “Captain Fudge, sir!” Fudge said.

    “Right Fudge, let’s get you back home.” Aan10 told him.

    Chapter 7

    Aan10 got Fudge back to his unit, and he and I went back to base. That wasn’t the last time I saw Fudge though. We met again, later  in battle. This time I wasn’t lost. We fought side by side with each other for that battle, as well as dozens of others. We still fight together. I am always proud to fight with Fudge. He received a purple heart for his wound back on our first adventure.  He even went on to become a general! He was definitely one of the best! After my service, and many years, I became an advisor. Later I even became a leader of the Aqua Warriors. So, for the reader; we will not give up, our leaders will fight, and you will be destroyed if you challenge the mighty Aqua Warriors!


    Note: Everything in this story is fictional and fun! Any relation to something that happened in CP  is completely coincidental.


    by Soundbooth

    Coming soon!


9 Responses

  1. Nice story Soundbooth :D!

  2. So can I write a story and sumbit it or is it only for the leaders?

  3. can i be in it?

  4. Great story! I wish I could write story that good! I give it two thumbs up!

  5. wow…! Thats such an inspiring story… I think the ending was slightly rushed, but I’m not one to talk! (honestly, my stories often end something like ‘so they sprinted back home dived into there beds and lived happily ever after’ LOL

  6. That story was a great one a great inspiration i might say leader Soundbooth!

  7. can mine be showed Ima work on it soon

  8. Great Story,Sir

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