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NEW! Active Count

Here’s the drill, you comment with this info:

1. Name

2. Rank

3. Do you consider yourself active in AW still?

Comment with that stuff if you are a current member. If not, comment here first, then comment here 🙂

I need to know who is still an active member of this army. This will determine what our next event will be.

Oh, and did I mention commenting on an active post can release the “at risk of demotion” status on your rank. 😉


Former Leader/ Current Adviser


Recruiting Session

Aan10 Edit: Did ATM make a header?
Triton (Sky) Edit: Guys, I’m gonna give up my 2ic posistion for an Adviser spot. I’m still gonna try to make events & be on chat. I’m really stressed atm. Btw, thanks ATM for the header 😀
Hey Everyone, we will be having a second recriting session. Honestly the first event this week (recruiting session) went very well, but the other two kind of puffed out. I will not stand for such an embarassing end of an event series like that.

So guess what we have on Saturday! Hint: read the title.

We have a recruiting session this Saturday!! The time is earlier than usual, so comment as soon as you know if you wil or WILL NOT be able to attend. If I get zero feedback, the ranks page may get edited. If I DO get feedback, I will be sure to maintain if not promote the current ranks.

Here’s the info:


When: Sat. March 17th

Time: 1:00 Pm, EST

12:00 Noon, CST

11:00 Am, MST

10:00 Am, PST

Server: Beanie or Aurora (to be decided in chat)


I would love for every single active member to attend, because if you do not, your rank may be at stake. Once again though, communicate with me and let me know if you can or cannot attend. That will promt me to extend mercy on your rank.


If you attend the event, you WILL be up for promotion.

We need to fill the ranks, and get people moving up the ranks. Recruiting events accomplish both.


Former Leader/ Active Adviser


Aan10 Edit: I am just going to fill in the ranks on here as people become active again or join.

This can be revised, just comment if you have any input for me. If you are on the site, feel free to edit in your response 😉

New rank structure:

General- Aan10

Lieutenant General-  Pokeeg

Major General-


Brigadier General- Kotsad

Colonel- Johnylumber, Carnage467,Wyoskyguy







If you have any ideas, let me know in a comment. Otherwise……


That includes everyone. Literally, everyone. Comment so we know if you are active, and so I can list you on our ranks! You might want to let me know what you think you should be ranked, and why (experience and whatnot), or just be like, “Yo I wanna be a leader, man!” To which, I will respond, “Bro, you have now been listed in the prestigious rank of private! Way to win homeskillet.” Just kidding, but if I get a lot of that stuff, I just might start putting people down as a private….


Taking Another Swing At Things

Well hello everyone!

I suppose it’s been quite a while since I last stopped by, and even longer since I did more than stop by. Either way, I am revisiting CP armies because of a few reasons. What those are exactly, are as follows;

-I visited the CPUN last week and sparked my interest once again in armies

-The Aqua Warriors are trying to make a comeback, and I will do anything to help out

-My time away has allowed my graphic skills to take a considerable leap in quality

-Starting next school year, I will be enrolled in a graphic design class which will give me more free time

I guess I could go on forever, so I’ll stop there. The bottom line, is that I’m back for a while to help the CPUN, and AW if you will have me. I think the Aqua Warriors could have a real chance at rebounding from our past shutdowns and slowdowns and I want to be here to help get us there.

I would like to see some interaction on this website with AW members, or friends, and some more frequent activity. I updated the site header, and I am working on a new background. It probably won’t be to drastic, but maybe a color change to match the header more.

With more activity going on here, we’ll get more attention from others in the army community, and then the soldiering part will come more easily. First, we have to achieve the busyness that is required. More chat interaction is a good start as well.

As an added bonus, if I see anyone on chat or commenting frequently on this site I will be the first to promote them. That also brings up the topic of ranks…. Right now, they’re old, outdated and obsolete. So, I’ll save a copy of them, then erase it all. Comment if you want a place on them, and I’ll begin filling them in with current members.

Hope this wasn’t too long to bore you. Thanks for reading, if you did.


Merge + Leaders/Ranks

Aan10 Edit: The ranks are updated!

CHRIS EDIT:did good today i got some of my troops of chat and got 4 join comments and osama is dead lol we got em heres some pics


Long time friend and brother of Aan10 here, Chrisfarley2.  Well after months of trying to talk to Aan, I got him and my army, FGR, has merged into AW. We were very large, and hard times have hit us. Our site was hacked so we’re merging with AW, and Elitesof and I will also be leaders. I’m going to try to save up some money and get AW  site css and domain back. I will get us into the top ten armies again. This isn’t my 1st time in AW, me and Aan go way back, so this is the new start to change, AW will be in top ten armies. I’ve seen this army in good times and bad.  Not only can we be in top ten we can be in top five best armies and I hope the merge the 200+ troops from FGR will help. I will be on our chat everyday to help us to make a comeback.

-Chrisfarley2 of CP

Also in other news i am a rapper/guitarist so i might make AW its own song if its okay, lol just saying ~

The New Ranks with Promotions and Demotions

I made some pretty drastic changes to the ranks after so much activity these past weeks. So many people were demoted I won’t even label them. But I would like to point out that a ton of unactive people got demoted because there needed to be room for the promoted people!! I also noticed that many people were not ranked and had been coming to events and had joined (formally or informally). Those people have been added for better or worse than what they may have had in mind, but I did most of the ranking based on what I had seen. So here are the new and improved ranks!

Main Leader: Elimz

Army Advisor: Aan10, Layne

Party Leader: Goldshadow7

General: Theramagic


Command General: Kotsad11, Pokeeg1/ Shadic

Lieutanant General: 27Hearts28, Weby102, Grillchz200, Indigoflare

Major General: Monster, Emily59004, Trumpyjosh, Scar411, Trevornator8, Mrchatterbox, Super Silver

Brigadier General: Jessica, Skatey123, Waddles0, Shimmy222,Ricardo05272, Paulwag, Hollowbat, Arm456, V117


Colonel: Baked Potatoes, Betaguy, Bid Now, Frothe, Raymond531, Lidstrom, President, Firegem18

Lieuntenant Colonel: Colton, Dogfood86, Numnum46, Dex Dude, Freezy210, Iceeblu101, Lilkid1110

Major: Seemore 29, Blackbeard76, Oyo8, Clappy 07, Loulou429, cPenguin Cjh, Chipy8910, Moses106/ Connor, Lokie3, Robbarr, Barda

Captain: Justine5519, Icecold12347, Jojo21110, MOK, Aquaman11, Ellen90999, Xcheeto, Blaze1027, Rocky25721,  President678, Bluecute100

Lieutenant: Eeval, Ninja7 H, Rockyjosh006, Coool3, Coffee1000,Tjsdud, Aspenization, Navye1, Furryfive, Penquin Guy, Dill560748, Freshboy15, Shenron123

Sergeant: Rapster97, Nike6003, Black p59214, Mike263, Minky Mills, Geguin9,  Heyapple1, Brownielife1, Ktfc123, 7car, Cynder Spyro

Private:  Weeeeeeeebbb, MPP46,Wil28301, Fronjo4, Flufflies123, Kkelef007, Mrchatterbox, Benwhite, Grassboy200, Torchwood199, Jokerfan97, Cjajk, Chantilly24, Dan91123, Mugz145, Brutes 25, Tfhh, Ipenguin7656, Nicole Vip

The blue names were promoted. The purple are people who will be promoted soon if they keep up their hard work.

If you think there is a mistake somewhere, please comment with what the mistake is and why you think it should be otherwise. You may also comment if you think you should have been promoted and why.

There are some events coming up soon guys! I will post the info tomorrow!


New Ranks/ Active Count/ Owner Ranks Available!

Hello everyone. My name is Layne. I’m a girl, and I am one of your new leaders. Aan10 knows me in real life and I am actually very experienced and qualified to lead this army. I am also a graphic designer and work at http://bassygraphics.wordpress.com/ .

Here are the new ranks that Aan10 has approved and we will also be having an active count. So comment if you are active with your name and rank!

Main Leaders: Layne, Elimz

Party Leader: [OPEN]

3rd in Command: [OPEN], Khrome

General: [OPEN]


Lieutanant General:27Hearts28, Iceeblu101

Major General: Monster, Ricardo05272, Nubbythenub

Brigadier General: Jessica, Emily59004, Skatey123, Waddles0


Colonel: M O K, Sorrytylon, Aquaman11, Colton, Dogfood86, Numnum46, Bid Now

Major: Ellen90999, Justine5519, Icecold12347, Jojo21110, Pumkinpie27

Captain: Youngji, Eeval, Navye1, Furryfive, Ninja7 H, Rockyjosh006

Lieutenant: Tjsdud, Aspenization, Penquin Guy

Sergeant: Rapster97, Cjajk, Chantilly24, Dan91123, Ipenguin7656

Private: Mugz145, Hawiankt, Brutes 25, Weeeeeeeebbb, MPP46, Wil28301, Lilkid110

Remember to comment if you are active or think you deserve a different rank (or if you have yet to be ranked)