• The Aqua Warriors is a Club Penguin Army that fights, protects, and has a ton of fun! We have many experienced Leaders and Commanders that are here to help you out and win! AW has been around since late 2007. Check out our chat and join today!

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NEW! Active Count

Here’s the drill, you comment with this info:

1. Name

2. Rank

3. Do you consider yourself active in AW still?

Comment with that stuff if you are a current member. If not, comment here first, then comment here 🙂

I need to know who is still an active member of this army. This will determine what our next event will be.

Oh, and did I mention commenting on an active post can release the “at risk of demotion” status on your rank. 😉


Former Leader/ Current Adviser



Ayeoo, I’m really sorry I have been really inactive. I know that I’m not the only inactive person here though. This active count will depend if this army will survive or not. Please comment or this army will must likely to die. You have only one more week. I expect like 6+ people to comment. YOU guys will decide if the legacy of Aqua  Warriors will end.



Active 1-10:


Active Count *MUST COMMENT*

Comment here if you are active! The ranks will be updated on Sunday at noon with promotions for those who comment!

Comment with your name:


Are you Active?:

If we don’t get at least 7 people to comment AW might be done! D:

So comment and make sure it’s not!! 😀


Aan10 Edit~ Great job Aqua Warriors! We have 11 active members as of now. Layne, Elimz, you two are doing a superb job! Fivestartaco, Khrome, you two are starting to really become great supportive staff members! I really am glad that the Aqua Warriors can keep on battling their way through the 3rd generation! Congrats, but keep it up. The fight has just begun! 😀

If your active, I want you to comment here. Based on this active count, I will hold promotions and events. I hope at least 6 people comment. I hope the people who comment on the active counts attend events. So if you’re not gonna attend, dont comment.



Active 1-10:

Thanks. I will see if your active or not.

~I will work harder.

I’m back/ Active Count

I am back from camp! My ankle is turning all sorts of colors due to a sprain while I played soccer, but all in all, it was a great week and a nice vacation. Now that I am back I will be working to set up an event. We need a battle. So I will get you the details soon!

I need to know how many people are still an active part of this army, so please comment with…

Your Name or Xat Name

Your Aqua Warriors Rank

How many times a day, do you check the site?

That will be all. Be sure to comment because I will be promoting and demoting people according to this!


New Ranks/ Active Count/ Owner Ranks Available!

Hello everyone. My name is Layne. I’m a girl, and I am one of your new leaders. Aan10 knows me in real life and I am actually very experienced and qualified to lead this army. I am also a graphic designer and work at http://bassygraphics.wordpress.com/ .

Here are the new ranks that Aan10 has approved and we will also be having an active count. So comment if you are active with your name and rank!

Main Leaders: Layne, Elimz

Party Leader: [OPEN]

3rd in Command: [OPEN], Khrome

General: [OPEN]


Lieutanant General:27Hearts28, Iceeblu101

Major General: Monster, Ricardo05272, Nubbythenub

Brigadier General: Jessica, Emily59004, Skatey123, Waddles0


Colonel: M O K, Sorrytylon, Aquaman11, Colton, Dogfood86, Numnum46, Bid Now

Major: Ellen90999, Justine5519, Icecold12347, Jojo21110, Pumkinpie27

Captain: Youngji, Eeval, Navye1, Furryfive, Ninja7 H, Rockyjosh006

Lieutenant: Tjsdud, Aspenization, Penquin Guy

Sergeant: Rapster97, Cjajk, Chantilly24, Dan91123, Ipenguin7656

Private: Mugz145, Hawiankt, Brutes 25, Weeeeeeeebbb, MPP46, Wil28301, Lilkid110

Remember to comment if you are active or think you deserve a different rank (or if you have yet to be ranked)


Active Count

We are having another active count! I know everyone loves these, but it’s very important that you comment with the following

Elimz:WARNING. They are so much people in the active count. Why did only 2 people come to recruting? If you are really active, in the recruiting results, write why you did not come. If you do not comment by Monday, I will demote those people. Look I already wrote this 5 times already.

1. Name
2. Rank 
3. Active
If you comment you will get 2 medals!
If you don’t, you get removed from the ranks!