• The Aqua Warriors is a Club Penguin Army that fights, protects, and has a ton of fun! We have many experienced Leaders and Commanders that are here to help you out and win! AW has been around since late 2007. Check out our chat and join today!

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Table of Contents

Brief History

Brief History

The Aqua Warriors were founded by Ephris11. The first army Ephris was in was IW, but there were some tension issues. The AW/ IW rivalry began. Even to this day, years later, IW is one of our rivals. Sometimes more friendly than not, the Iw relationship has prtty much stayed the same for a while. Sometimes enemies, sometimes neutral.

Recently, Eddie joined AW and created quite a page for himself. He became a leader with Ep (with a very high active rate). But, he started to show his true colors later on, which is to say was not blue. Long story short, this site got deactivated by wordpress on cussing complaints, due to a new admin added by Eddie. Aan10 got the site back from wordpress and restored order.

October 3, 2009- The AW site, http://awaquawarriorsaw.wordpress.com/ was hacked and deleted. Aan10, GPH136, and Riotors helped AW rise from the ashes with this website, http://TheAquaWarriors.wordpress.com/


Constitutional Monarchy

a form of government in which a 1 person acts as Leader. The ability to make and pass legislation resides with the elected representatives.





Aurora (Capital)
Ice Pond

63 Responses

  1. hello! aan10! i think im ready for something more then captain i think i coul dhelp lead this army

  2. I will rank you right now as a Head Colonel because I trust that you will be active. ONLY because of trust. So… if you are super active, expect more promos, but if you are not, do not complain if you get demoted (would only happen if you didn’t comment on active posts)

    P.S. I will be putting the chat on this page so that you can be on, I think it was you who said they had some problems with chat right?

  3. Whoops, on the chat page is where the chat will be 😉

  4. Server invasion soon. Lets go through our servers and make sure people know there ours!

  5. I agree we should definetly do that soon. Maybe Friday we could do that. Maybe by then I could get the chat box on the page itself too 😉

  6. This is an awesome army! 😀
    I’m glad that Ephris made it!

  7. Need a flag!

  8. CPP Now Owns North Pole So Take It Off Your Lands


  10. My army, Club Penguin defenders, claimed the server Berg. You think you own Berg and we think we own Berg. My army would like to battle your army for posession of Berg. You can find me on CPD chat,xat.com/clubpenguindefendersofcp or Fire Warriors Chat, xat.com/firewarriors.

  11. I am sorry to hear that, but you didn’t give any warning or comment at all on our site. I am the leader of AW and I had no idea about this “invasion.” So I would appreciate it if you did not cuss anymore and I will be leaving that on our servers list. Any further comments by you containing content like this will be deleted.

  12. Hello Aqua Warriors I am Hero Warriors Leader and was thinking if we can be allies and maybe have a Practice Battle,And I was also thinking if we can be allies share one of your servers Hero Warriors had some things with other armies I hope you say yes for allies and sharing a server

    HW Leader


  13. Absolutely. I will add you to our allies ASAP as well as our blogroll. We should have a practice battle next week sometime. I will be out of town this weekend. 😦
    Let me know what would be best.

  14. i dont wanna be pusjy or any thing but i have my home page as our armys site and i chack at least 4 times every night for updates comments or anything at all and i comment all the time about everything so i was just wander ing if i could get prmoted to a little higher rank than wat i am right now i will check twice as much and triple my effort to come to all events ????????

  15. Hurricane shouldnt be able to post on here he uses foul lanaguage which isnt good for a site to have for a kid game

  16. Hi AW Hero Warriors want to have a Practice Battle with AW I got the times and days.We also well like to be allies if thats alright with you guys.

    Where: Ice Box,SnowForts

    When: Saturday,6th

    Pacific Time: 4:00 PM

    Mountain Time: 5:00 PM

    Central Time: 6:00 PM

    Eastern Time: 7:00 PM

    UK Time: 12:00 AM

    We well like to see you there.

    HW Leader

  17. Hey Coolkid, fix your name link, I know the hw site so I will fix it in this comment, but it throws people off.

  18. herowarriorsofcp.wordpress.com is that what you mean and are you guys coming to the Practice Battle?

  19. Wait Hero Warriors might be busy we well try to practice battle you guys when every thing is clear

  20. wait yeah every thing is ok so you guys want to practice battle or not i gave you info???

  21. I think so, but I have a track meet on Saturday so I do not know for sure. If anything, I may not go. 😦
    But I will post the info. 😉

  22. Wait not yet i well do it when every thing is clear we are having a pb with RBA and ST

  23. Ok, good because I found out for sure I can’t come. Thanks for telling me!

  24. Well Hero Warriors want an war so we are going to invade Aurora from Aqua Warriors we need servers.

    Where: Aurora

    When: Saterday 13

    Pacific Time: 12:00 p.m

    Mountain Time: 1:00 p.m

    Central Time: 2:00 p.m

    Eastern Time: 3:00 p.m

    UK Time: 8:00 PM

    No Allies
    Invasion well last for 30 minutes

  25. Allies just make wars boring I want to fight an army that does not have allies for once

  26. It seems like Hydro warriors own Aurora looks like they well be fighting Hero Warriors and Aqua Warriors to defend it and no allies stop being scared to fight your own battles

  27. Your not even on AW ranks

  28. Wait you guys dont even own Aurora

  29. Aurora was taken by Hydro Warriors a long time ago dude take it off your servers be fair

  30. Excuse me Coolkid. I think that you have a army to lead but I don’t know what you are doing here keep saying some aqua warrior’s nation problem or something. What do you want from the AW????

  31. I dont need noting for now when the time comes my army well invade of your servers 🙂

  32. Sorry for all that stuff,but another army that I lead well want to have a Practice Battle.

    Where: Rainbow,Snowforts

    When: Sunday,14th

    Pacific Time: 4:00 PM

    Mountain Time: 5:00 PM

    Central Time: 6:00 PM

    Eastern Time: 7:00 PM

    UK Time: 12:00 AM

  33. Kind of random, but if you don’t want us to get into a full on war, that was probably a smart move 😉

    As for the pb, that was pretty short notice. Less than 24 hours is not exactly a great notification time period.
    I will still post the info, but as for the amount of AW troops there, do not be surprised if hardly any people show up.

  34. We the Golden Troopers of CP might merge into you would this be ok?

  35. Sure, give me the final word and a list of your most active troops. I will add them to the ranks and get everything completed for you.

  36. The Hydro Warriors own Aurora. Please take it off your nation page, or we will invade.

  37. Sorry buddy, but we have owned Aurora for over 3 years. We won’t disown it for the Hydro Warriors. Now why does that sound familiar? Hmmm… oh yeah, we are the Aqua Warriors and it sounds to me like you couldn’t come up with a more original name, so you chose a synonym for ours. Wow, you’re a real clever one, eh?

  38. hello wheres next battle and against whom??? i wanna know


  39. nice he just got burned

  40. You don’t own Sabortooth. Its nutrel and always will be. It’s my home server and I know that just random ppl there can take down an intire F***ing Large army to protect it.

  41. PH is invading Iccicle


  43. The EW accepts your PB. The battle will be as scheduled.

  44. Earth Warriors will be invading your server heres the info and if you need to contact us go here http://clubpenguinearthwarriors.wordpress.com

    Snow Day- November 27th 5:00 EST 4:00 CST 3:00 MST 2:00 PST 10:00 UK (SORRY SO LATE) 30 minutes!

  45. The Mountain Warriors would love to be your allies, please contact us by making comments on our website 🙂 http://mountainwarriorsofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/


  46. hello i am owner and creator of the new cp army news site and i a inviting aqua warriors to a tourney!!!!!!!!!! sky troops r already in i am looking at puffle warriors vikings and fire vikings sky mafias tacos and a few more it is a 10 army tourney

  47. didnt give u the link here it is cpabuzz.wordpress.com

  48. The Tornado Force will be invading Snow Day. Here’s the info-

    Saturday, February 19
    Snow Day, Snow Forts
    – 2:30 EST
    – 1:30 CST
    – 12:30 MST
    – 11:30 PST
    – 7:30 UK


    ~Jake, TF Leader

  49. The Light Warriors are invading Misty. Here are the times. 24 HOUR NOTICE.

    2:00 pm Eastern
    12:00 am Central
    11:00 pm pm Mountain
    10:00 am pm Pacific
    5:00 am am Australia
    6:00 pm UK
    Server: Outback
    Room:All of em


  51. I hate to burst your bubble Andre, but we will not recognize this as an authentic invasion of our server for the following reason:
    1. It’s at midnight on a Monday school night for North and South America.
    Sorry to trouble you with that, but this army is mainly based in the Americas region of the world and no one would be able to come to this battle. This would be an unfair scheduling.

    *Also, I honestly do not mean to sound mean or rude in this reply if that’s how I come off.

  52. hey! i only have the no2 suit for cp aw ok? im gonna ricive a rank in 2 days.


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