• The Aqua Warriors is a Club Penguin Army that fights, protects, and has a ton of fun! We have many experienced Leaders and Commanders that are here to help you out and win! AW has been around since late 2007. Check out our chat and join today!

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To receive a rank in the Aqua Warriors, you must first leave a comment on the join page.

How to find your rank:

For Windows Users: Hold down the “Ctrl” key and then press “F” on your keyboard. This opens a find window. Type in your CP username (the one on the ranks). Click the “next” button if necessary. It should highlight your name on the ranks, then just check what rank you are listed under.

For Mac Users: Hold down the Apple/Command key and then press “F” on your keyboard. This opens a find window. Type in your CP username (the one on the ranks). Click the “next” button if necessary. It should highlight your name on the ranks, then just check what rank you are listed under.

General of the Army


Lieutenant General


Major General

Brigadier General


Lieutenant Colonel





Warrant Officer






156 Responses

  1. Hi Aa,
    I was wondering since u ask me to help alote if i could just join again.

    Aan10 Edit: Sure, I would love to have you back. We need a lot of help since this is a bad time of the year for recruiting and the hack still haunts AW. 😦 But if you would like I can add you to the ranks again as an Advisor. 🙂

  2. Can you add me soon

  3. Whoa, how did I forget that! Sorry! I will get you on right now! :mrgreen:

  4. No problem!

  5. 329 nice and wanna meet in cp now?

  6. you have alot of troops! how many people come to each battle?

  7. Sure we can meet go to the AW chat http://xat.com/theaquawarriors
    Usually we get 4-10 troops depending on the day of the week and time. Last weekend we had 11 including recruits. :mrgreen:

  8. crud, sorry, I had to leave, dinner. 😦

  9. I will go on and check right now though

  10. yea know you have smiley8years in your army that dude is almost every army! no lie check any afmy site!

  11. How can you have a ranks like those if you only have less than 3 k hits and only 16 comments on joining page? :O

    Aan10 Edit~ Because we are as old as IW and our site was hacked recently.

  12. Btw, we have more than 3k hits :mrgreen:

    • I know you wouldn’t belive how many are from me! I just checked lol.

      • Oh sorry I didn’t know you got hacked! 😦

        Aan10 Edit: No problem, I would ask the same thing. Thanks for coming back to check on your comment though. My pet peeve is when someone leaves a comment that requires some sort of response from the site owner and you never come back to check back on it or respond to it if you do. I really don’t like it when someone is nasty either. But thanks for not doing that stuff and understanding! 😀

      • Thats ok. WHy not join us? We have alot of fun and could use more members!

      • i am already a member remember

      • We have a comment glitch i never responeded, but I can tell you this, asking for a promotion is the best way not to get promoted. Its great that you are active, but promo day is friday after the event

      • k srry didnt know and the kids name that almost got to be leader his name is Mckal300

  13. promo for Hearts. i think hearts deserves to be a head general!

  14. And we need a mew rank Sergeant

  15. chrisfarley2

    2nd in Command: Blazeboy136

    3rd in Command: Riotors

    4th in Command: Frostbite375
    all inactive, not good

  16. I know. I want to give them a chance to comment, but so far nothing. So if by tomorrow night they are still inactive, I will fix the ranks. Again 😐

  17. aqua warriors rule!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. go aque warriors!!!!!

  19. go aqua wariors!

  20. can i be put on the rank? i filled out the join page!
    Soundbooth: Yes you can!

  21. cool!

  22. Woah AW has grown so much since 08 when they were tiny and I joined! Aan10 remember me? I was a command general. I quit because AW never did any wars or PBs or anything. I think I might come back.

    Soundbooth: We would love to have to have you join again! IF so please let us know!

    Aan10 Edit: Hey I do remember you dogfood! Yeah, that was a while back huh? Well let me know if you would like to join and I will get you a good rank. We are reorganizing the ranks to be more active, so you would be a mod.

  23. ummm why does it say susannasusanna0521? its just susanna0521
    Soundbooth: Sorry! Typo!

  24. I have a question. How do you get promoted?

  25. y arent i on the ranK? i am on the join page
    Im sorry, I have been busy, you are added now.

  26. Thanks Soundbooth 🙂 You rock da sox 😀

  27. i dont wanna be pushy or any thing but i have my home page as our armys site and i chack at least 4 times every night for updates comments or anything at all and i comment all the time about everything so i was just wander ing if i could get prmoted to a little higher rank than wat i am right now i will check twice as much and triple my effort to come to all events ????????

  28. we ve got so much people joined now 🙂

  29. Sound u will always be remembered

  30. cant keep up on all this stuff for our army i have a girlfriend and i have lots of home work to do every night i will check in every once in awhiule i retire srry

    • I understand and do not hold this against you, I’m getting there myself. So goodluck! I hope you have a great life! Thanks for being a part of the Aqua Warriors Rapster. We all really appreciate your contribution.

      Thanks again, and goodbye buddy.

  31. When we decide if we should merge or not, we’ll let you know.

  32. I’m sorry i coulkdn’t come i was busy and Forgot so please forgive me.

  33. sweet

  34. can you meet Chantilly24 at the coffee shop

  35. Iam i going to be added?

    how long does is take?

    i have filled out on the join page

  36. hey aan, remember me? i was in the army for a while

  37. i quit AW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Hey AW, it is just caveyy from the screaming swords.
    Ummmm….. well i just wanted to ask if you would help us with a war with ERCP (i dunno the times yet but as soon as i get them i will tell you, can u plz help?

  39. I’m not sure Caveyy. I looked at the Screaming Swords site and it seems like the kind of army we wouldn’t want to get mixed up in. I appologize, but AW cannot assist you.

  40. Actually, no. We are not allies. The Screaming Swords have never been listed as allies of the Aqua Warriors. I checked the page and past drafts of the page. No Screaming Swords.

    And what I am referring to when I said I don’t want us mixed up in this, is that the first post on the Screaming Swords site contains way too many vulgar uses of language. I do not want AW to be affiliated with that. Sorry.

  41. Ahhh. This all appears to my fault. You see, there was a army called Fire Troopers of club penguin. They said Aurora was theirs and claimed war on us. But that time, aqua warriors was pretty much dying anyway. I was desperete to get it back and destroy the Fire Troopers. So I asked Fire Trooper’s number one enemy which is the screaming swords. But then I quit so I forgot all about the screaming swords. I’m sorry to layne and to caveyy. We will list you as allies but not aid you just how like layne said.

  42. Thank you for telling me that Elimz. It’s not your fault that you forgot. But my main issue, as I said, was that there was some extremely insulting and offending adjectives used on the Screaming Swords site and I do not support cussing.

    • The plant’s root is not as it seems. He was apart of my army. You see, me and clappy09 were the best of friends until the fight broke out.

      I went to ACP chat to chat with him, there he had a mind switch. He let me know that he will not stay active anymore. I asked the reason for this and he simply replied cussing. What would you do in that situation?

      P.S. IDC if you don’t help me in war, i don’t need you and allies help eachother, so if you aren’t gonna help us with anything, it wil be just the written to ur a/e, so really we aren’t allies like that.

      P.S.S. I am an expert hacker……………………………………..

  43. nvm i dont wanna quit but u said i was gonna be colonel and i am a private

  44. I moved you to the proper rank Lilkid1110 🙂

  45. i cant find myself on ranks. My penguin name is Xcheeto

  46. when will tangerine ppl be ranked?

  47. still not in ranks 😦


  48. I think i should be a higher rank because i have almost 5 years of cp army experience. And i have my own army thats doing really well.


    hey man be geatfull that your a moderator rank

  49. are u going to put me on the list because u said i was a sergant?

  50. You are on the ranks Weby102.

  51. I thought AW went down…? I’m glad its up and runnning again! If it werent for emails i’d still be inactive!
    Is the hack still threatening AW?

    ~In it to win it~

    • Nope, we were hacked in 2008. Luckily, with the help of Riotors and Aan10, they helped return it and into generation 2. But Aan10 and Soundbooth retired. Leaving this army dead, Layne and I took over it. I’m also glad there are emails. I got you and taco to be in this army! 😀

      • I’m so glad they’re not threatening us anymore 😀 Its a pity Aan10 and Soundbooth retired but you and Layne are doing a really great job 😀
        See you at Snowy River!

        ps: I may be slightly late due to an unexpected shopping trip with me gran but she says if we hurry we might be back but im still worried :S

  52. On cpba im a sergeant major general!!!! owner line.

  53. General… cool! Thx! So ummmmmmm… do I get to become editor or somthing? B/c If I do my email is emmabookreader@me.com

    also as a side note….
    Check out my site


  54. Why iam i not on the ranks WTF I HAVE WAITED ABOUT 4MONTH

  55. thx

  56. still not an author!!!

  57. i am sorry but i think i have to quit. i have school and homework it is to much.

  58. thanks to oyo8 ive recenctly seen that soundbooth is leader i dont think thats kind of fair because he retired then he came back as leader ive been puttin my name on leader rank and somebody been takin it off if soundbooth gonna be leader can i atleast be party leader

    • Khrome, you are not a leader. You are the 3rd in Command. That means that Elimz, Soundbooth, Taco, and I outrank you. Soundbooth used to be a Main Leader of AW and has just as much, if not more, experience than the rest of us. That is why he has been listed as a Main Leader now that he has graciously decided to come back and help us out. Khrome you are an outstanding soldier, and I have no doubt that you will become a leader one day, but you are not yet ready. You could use some more experience, you know? More battles, more leadership opportunities, and CP Army “knowledge.” I know that you, as well as everyone here is very knowledgeful in CP Armies, but what sets a leader apart, is the way they use that knowledge. Trust me when I say that you, and the rest of this army, will know when you are ready.

      Keep up the great, fantstic work Khrome! You are an outstanding role model in this army and should keep it up!! 😀

  59. can u put me on the ranks i havent been put on yet

  60. i wonder what my rank is?

  61. can i please get a rank?

  62. I just ranked you! Comment on the Active Count to get promoted on Sunday!

  63. I’ve finally been ranked a captain!

  64. Thanks! I think you will do great!

  65. Layne sir what does it take to get a newly higher rank?

    • Hello,

      Thank you for showing interest in this army! The way to get promoted is to comment on active posts and come to as many events as you can! And if you can not make an event please leave a comment letting us know. You seem like a soldier AW needs! Comment on the current AW active count and i will HIGHLY think of moving you up in the ranks. Welcome to Aw, lets own some noobs!


    • I’m a girl so you know, but I have an answer to that question:
      When you comment on active counts, comment on posts, visit chat, and go to events, you get promoted!

  66. if nayone else is still on i have a question, is the ACP an enemy or ally?

    • we are neutral please meet me on chat now if you have any questions!

      • Actually I checked up on our ACP status and we’re allies! They actually had a bill they passed concerning that. Here’s the bill directly from the ACP site:

        The Small Army Ally Bill

        This Bill will outline the ACP’s policy with Small Armies becoming allies:

        1. Since tracking down all the Small Armies that want to be allies with us and adding them to the allies page is tedious, time-consuming, and takes up a lot of space, the ACP’s policy with Small Armies being allies will be a “You don’t attack us, we don’t attack you” policy. This means:

        • -All Small Armies who wish to be allies with us are our allies. They need not apply, for as long as they don’t attack us, they will not be attacked by us.
        • -All Small Armies that are our allies will not be put on the Allies page, because as long as they don’t attack us, we won’t be provoked to attack them. Therefore, a page reminding us not to attack them is not needed.
        • -Any Small Armies that attack the ACP will be attacked themselves by that group, however, no large scale invasion will be launched on them unless they become a serious problem, in which further action will be taken.

        2. The benefits that Small Armies who choose to be our allies will recieve are as follows:

        • -They, provided they own no land of their own, will be able to use our land for recruitment/battles, provided they do not claim it as their own.
        • -If the ACP attacks a server that they share with the army being attacked, they will still get to claim that server as their own.

        3. The ACP is NOT, however, obliged to:

        • -Give troops.
        • -Help that army recruit (unless the leader agrees to help with such things).
        • -Help that army in a conflict, except in special circumstances (ex. A large army is attacking that small army simply out of hate/greed).
  67. sorry about the typo

  68. Main leaders i have a question. Why did some ACPs fire at me?

  69. Main leaders the GT are encountering a battle on mittens should we help?

  70. the battle of mittens is beginning

  71. we need to help them

  72. Our GT allies have won the battle on Mittens

  73. omg! acp is our allies? datz so cool!

  74. can u put on on the ranks plz im a major thx

  75. aan10 remember me you were the previos ambassoder then i was ambassoder

    ps this is josh

  76. im not on ranks…. why!


  78. um you put me weby and lokie together with out a ,

  79. Thx for moving me up srry i wasnt active i had to go to michigan


  81. hey guys i’m back

  82. if anyone is on I have something to say

  83. I’m an ally to anyone who needs my help
    only to the ones who are helpful to me and others
    no one stands in my way nether in yours
    always try to be willful and resourceful at any cost
    and also, never give up!

  84. Elimz i wanna join again, i put up a join comment so uhh

  85. Rocky25721: I’m Retiring From This Army!!!!

  86. Elimz I left a comment about getting a promotion, if you agree to what I ask I’d be greatful

  87. Sorry I wasnt active

  88. Hi I’m with club penguin green team http://www.clubpenguingreenteam.wordpress.com i was wondering if we could be a small army ally.

  89. Elimz I’ll wait for your dicision

  90. Also, sorry guys I forgot my email and I’m trying to figure it out

  91. hey guys I remember my email again!

  92. Hey in my name u forgot the t lol
    DraTsterboy, Dratsterboy
    You were close though XD

  93. not to correct you guys, but on the join page it said brigaider general

  94. seriously, im demoted just bc of freakin homework and school? i have LOADS of camps, honework and school. i dont even have a DAY OFF

  95. get it elimz?

  96. Look, I’m not trying to be snappy. But is it really THAT hard to at least comment on the site and come to events once in awile? We all have lives and you’re not the only one. They at least comment once in a while. It’s not like I told you to stay forever to the site and come to all events.

  97. you know what it feels like? this isn’t a lie. i have 15 pages of social studies to do each day (IK EVEN ON BREAK), 20 math pages (on break too), and worst yet, 30 science pages. 30!!! this isn’t a lie. i have to get up early then go to camp for the day

  98. i have football games every day. it lasts for 100 days. NOT A LIE

  99. any extra credit for subbing? i subbed

  100. Hey, you should add me to the ranks sometime soon! ¬.¬

  101. could you plz remove me?

  102. Hi I am Josiah Fett, the Ninja Freedom Force leader. As I can see here your army is a great success, like mine. I would like to tell you a little bit about the NFF:
    We took 2 ½ servers from IW
    We beat swat in a tournament
    We have avoided a lot of hackers
    That’s a small taste of our great success. Now we invite you to com and merge with us! Go here to read more: http://nffninjafreedomforce.wordpress.com/merge/. If you do merge, we welcome you! If you would rather continue your army, I can respect that. If you do not merge with us, we would like to become allies.

    And I like the blue.

    • Sorry, but at this time the Aqua Warriors are not looking to merge into another army. We will gladly add you as our ally though 🙂

  103. Hey guys Im back, sorry I wasn’t on for so long
    but I’m back on. Also I noticed the general slot was opened, so can I be promoted? I’ll be on chat as much as I can.

    • No one will be promoted. You’ve been inactive for the past monthes, not trying to be a hypocrite and all, but you can’t just barge in and say you want a promotion.

  104. guys it’s me President678, I’m back from a long time of not playing CP. Sorry I couldn’t have been in contact with you guys because of you not being online. And not visiting the website.

  105. Also I’m so sorry for barging in for the general promotion before. I’ll try and be more active.

  106. can i be leader in training?

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