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Recruiting Session

Aan10 Edit: Did ATM make a header?
Triton (Sky) Edit: Guys, I’m gonna give up my 2ic posistion for an Adviser spot. I’m still gonna try to make events & be on chat. I’m really stressed atm. Btw, thanks ATM for the header 😀
Hey Everyone, we will be having a second recriting session. Honestly the first event this week (recruiting session) went very well, but the other two kind of puffed out. I will not stand for such an embarassing end of an event series like that.

So guess what we have on Saturday! Hint: read the title.

We have a recruiting session this Saturday!! The time is earlier than usual, so comment as soon as you know if you wil or WILL NOT be able to attend. If I get zero feedback, the ranks page may get edited. If I DO get feedback, I will be sure to maintain if not promote the current ranks.

Here’s the info:


When: Sat. March 17th

Time: 1:00 Pm, EST

12:00 Noon, CST

11:00 Am, MST

10:00 Am, PST

Server: Beanie or Aurora (to be decided in chat)


I would love for every single active member to attend, because if you do not, your rank may be at stake. Once again though, communicate with me and let me know if you can or cannot attend. That will promt me to extend mercy on your rank.


If you attend the event, you WILL be up for promotion.

We need to fill the ranks, and get people moving up the ranks. Recruiting events accomplish both.


Former Leader/ Active Adviser



Aan10 Edit: I am just going to fill in the ranks on here as people become active again or join.

This can be revised, just comment if you have any input for me. If you are on the site, feel free to edit in your response 😉

New rank structure:

General- Aan10

Lieutenant General-  Pokeeg

Major General-


Brigadier General- Kotsad

Colonel- Johnylumber, Carnage467,Wyoskyguy







If you have any ideas, let me know in a comment. Otherwise……


That includes everyone. Literally, everyone. Comment so we know if you are active, and so I can list you on our ranks! You might want to let me know what you think you should be ranked, and why (experience and whatnot), or just be like, “Yo I wanna be a leader, man!” To which, I will respond, “Bro, you have now been listed in the prestigious rank of private! Way to win homeskillet.” Just kidding, but if I get a lot of that stuff, I just might start putting people down as a private….


Saturday Events!!

Grillchz200: I’m sorry I haven’t been posting or doing much of anything for that matter. Well the problem was that I ended up having a lot of school work to do and a lot of homework and some school work I ended up having to bring home, but I will be much more active with break starting. Oh, and I didn’t know what edit color I should use so I chose this. Just change the color of this if you want or you could tell me the open colors, thanks! 🙂

There are a few events that everyone should be aware of…
1. There is a practice battle against BMA on Saturday the 19th at 10am PST, 1pm EST, 12pm noon CST, 11am MST on the server Jack Frost.
2. We will be defending our server Snow Day from Tornado Force in an invasion at 11:30 PST (when the pb ends this will start one hour later).
3. If you come to one, you may be promoted, if you come to both, you will be promoted.

These events are only an hour apart so I would expect you to make both of them. Please do not force me to demote people for not showing up, but I will.
As always, you can avoid demotion by commenting if you will not come, and it would not hurt your chances at a promotion by communing that you can come. 🙂


I’m back and the Time Zone Issue is Solved

Alrighty everyone! I am back from a long and tiring weekend with my friends. On Friday I got up at 4:30 am to go to Six Flags with my grade. We got back at 10:00 pm. We got back pretty early considering I’ve gotten back at 12:30 am (30 min after midnight) from a track meet this year. The whole day was a lot of fun and wore me out! That night I had a church lock-in and got 4 hours of sleep. I had been up for 23 hours when I went to bed finally. When I got home yesterday I got another 4 hours of sleep in my semi-dark room (I wish it was darker) I had to pack and clean out my room. I am moving, for all that did not know, in two weeks! So my parents restricted me from the computer until I was done. Sadly to say, yesterday, I did not finish. Last night though, I got to spend the night at a neighbor’s house. That was cool, especially since this is my last weekend I will be in town. This week I will be gone Thursday afternoon until Sunday night. 😐 When will my life get simple!?

So, here I am. Back for as much time that I can cram in. With 2 weeks of school left, projects, and exams are a huge part of my life right now. I will not be as active as I would like due to that.

Now as for the time zone issues that are popping up, I have a link for you all! http://www.talktocanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/time_zones1.gif The picture in that link is a global time zone map. Central time is Orange and includes Chicago and Mexico City. Mountain is Blue and has Nevada. Pacific has Las Angeles and Eastern, of course, has Toronto and New York. If you live in England, then you are Orange and are 5 hours ahead of New York. So if it is noon in the Big Apple, it is 6:00 pm in the UK! All authors please now include England’s GMT time zone in any event times now that you know what the difference is!

Thanks for reading this longgggggg post, but I had a lot to be addressed. An event is coming up soon, and I will not tolerate zero attendance on our chat! So get your butt on over!

If I see people on chat, whoever is there will be promoted. End of story. Unless you are above the Owner Line.

~When you got one shot, make it count~


Third and Final QRD


This is the last quick reaction drill, a recruiting session, or team pb (depends on the number of AW there). All who come will be up for promotion, medals, or an award. Here is the info:

Day: March 7

Time: 4:00 pm PST [4:00 Pacific 5:00 Mount. 6:00 Central 7:00 Eastern]

Server: North Pole


As usual, if you cannot come, COMMENT! If you can, COMMENT! Otherwise, you will be up for demotion!

~You got one shot, make it count~


Recruiting Sesh Results!

Sound: Now thats owning! Thats also top 10 army stuff!

WOW! WE DID AWESOME! We had at least seven people at all times on CP as we changed rooms and even attacked some bots who crashed the party. I am a little disappointed though that a couple key people did not show. Anyway here is a pic of the chat at one point (Eddie came on later):

Here we were at the very beginning:

We had the most people at the town here:

Great overall job AW, the following people came:

Jessica, Skate, Emily, Sound, Aan, Eddie, Hearts, Chris, Elimz, and Rapster

Comment on the active count for a promotion (if you are a member or mod), if you don’t you get demoted!

-You got one shot, make it count-


The New Ranks

Aan10: Yes, I have been really busy lately due to a basketball tournament, but I am back now. 🙂

Blaze Edit: AanA lot of armies use “General of The Army” rank. Can we have Main Leader and Partly leader instead? You Main Leader. While Chris and I are partly leader?

Aan10 Edit: I updated the ranks and they are official.

Hey guys its Sound. I think we need some new ranks. So here are my ideas! Also i redid them for Aan10 to look over.

Grey: Name changed

Orange: Promoted

Purple: Demoted

General of the Army: Aan10 (Emarshaye)

2ic:  Blazeboy136, Chrisfarley2

3ic: Soundbooth

General: Riotors, Austin56845, Texasgirl27, Ganger90 (Josh)


Lieutanant General: 27Hearts28, Aquaman11, Frostbite

Major General: M O K, Furryfive, Colton, Ellen90999, Aquaman11

Brigadier General:  Nubbythenub, Numnum46, Sorrytylon, Cjajk, MPP46


 Colonel: Ballet Co 12, Bob1960’s,  Juneau, Kara19104, Sythersis, Colton, Sorrytylon, Man of Dogs,  Ganger90, Woton, Swimmy Blue, Pokert23, Khalil 2000, Wobblededo, Candyboy8, Catshadow8,Hawk445, Monkey Ap, Arseus1215, P881, Unicow

Lieutanant Colonel: Flames256, Icey Edge, JonesAP99, Artsgirl100, Jingle Jay, Brad448, Sk8rdude4444, Sith Assassin, Boomer 21, Jacen Netts, Hawk Sss, Acolopse, Elite910, Kevinc5829, Mijos, Kittybobjr, Djgtjvgyhxgy, Hawkboy15, Zipper1009, Ajxx117, Tiny Ronan, Cjajk

Major: Pippy212, Gadunka345, Freddy257, Penor343, Johnlennon2, Mender47, Boosta2, Lord Sparrow, WaddlesO, Ted 68, Corymigs2, Donut67890, Debbie1964, Angela9058, Wmb98, Snuffles, 506Tuxy9349, Cooldude7401, SpyBoy12, Kieranmega y, Coolkid4040, Nattrick, Lemonfead, Icecube1217, Electric4555, Pumpkin1432, Bluie1064, Tywiu, Buggsy Boy, 853naruto, Undrtker515, Rexrider, Halo Friek, Qtgurl6, Audburne, 10Chuckie10, AquaBlue20, Whityblu

Captain: FSUman101, Tiny yoshi, Rod33107, Johnyroger12, XBOX360, Bell93681, Coleblacker, Kingjared7, Brentjames, San Chivas, Asome Dude08, Iceyfeet, Yanksrule14, PinkGirl1114, DjluisHeman4, Waffles, Kirk743, Montmorency1, Jetkid56, Matt Hardy8, X0tqmx0, Sanity1234, A Dawg4, Paguin123, Spretur,  Naruto 6567, 10chukie10, x0tqmx0Double A67, Xray74396, Sarahpretty, Abel12046, G Slush, Chasster, Aberacer, Tayltor9, Snake105, Charliem21, Corinthw, Bob For Pres, Leboto, Gster656, Snoopengy12, Swat Bandit

Lieutenant: PinkladyJ, Xpro19, Trackgirl 55, Bondjbond, NorthTexas18, Heman4, Rkjcbo, Priuwtvynot, Adv50, Shiningsun10, 25 Cents, Salteroi101, Hopesmiley36, Fabby201, Hallow4508, Redboy997, Ninjashadow, Smiley8years, Robin888, Combat56, Ymapinky, FredH8er, Mansnow, Diovis, Punchy 50, Csm814, Lil Dobby 4, Cosmedius, Andemas, Candyboy8, Bobbyc3, Monkey Ap, Austin56845, 1Piplub2bu, Tinybillybob, Flipwaddle2, Wii Man3, Ballet Co 21, A Dawg4, Motor20, Issnake105, Lucky88825OOH, Element 25, wwehardywwf, NotGivinUp, Mrtchy

Sergeant: Bondjbond,  Oily Dude, Lolgirlz35, TCUfoot81, Bingsterr, Kara19104, Candyboy8, Jacobstout, Dude1234, Listor55, Etac14, Rockstarguy3, Lexy334, 777g, Patsrule33, Happyman444, Checkmatter, Kjbulldog, Jm09f1, Piplup2, Mansnow10, Fresca39, Funkeys Gree, Joey AnthonyRsnail, Lildrew jr, Dan10536, JukuBell93681, Jackelantern, Mr. Jackson23, Ghost5371, Matonic 1, Name Hiden1, Mix10, Kenni Tram, Stella2335, Clubzooyo, Linz17, Asdjfkl246, Scruffy17, Avs29,  Ninja7 H, Idohdustin, Vio89, Zigi79894, Bigp15, YungTj83

Private: Twinkie111, Heman4, Coco84243, Patriot1234, Bohg123, Kickboxinger, Minutemen18, Dude1234, Happy5643, Hallow42628, Rkjcbo, Paguin123, Matt Hardy8, Bohg123, Penguin-8067, Dan10536, Leaper510, Anemas, Coolio891995, Koala57931, Penguink2cp, Team876, Itunesgeek1, Pjp123, Antneecb, Mm142, Blacky8025, Mombal23, Warriorii, Maxthepen, KuroWolf, Mr Pengle, IDK432, Snowball1064, Mcnuggetboy, Surferboysc,  Mxz100, Cody765, OneFlyGuy24, Enrigue102, Zackray1, Shabboomboom, Pawdi10, Mily21, ACP PENGUIN1, Kickboxer2, Snowball1064, Mcnuggetboy, Surferboysc, Rileybremie, 101hawkins, Spongie555, Gougarglider, Seadog, Daisy34434, GreenPuffle92, Dannydinio, 4sirtony, Supercool116, Safer123, Cauchemar89, Jfader, Funny games9, Sharkguy95, Stellrkartfng, Mr. Blinkins

Well I think these new ranks would be more better and get us more people.

-Soundbooth & Aan10