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Soundbooth edit: Sorry to hear you are leaving Khrome. But quitting just because you were almost demoted is not a good reason. I hope you join again. Thank you for your service!

Layne Edit: We have 11 active members! Keep checking this site and continue becoming a growing part of this army! I love you guys!

Youtube Background I made for http://www.youtube.com/user/AquaWarriorsArmy/:

I said Jake was going to post this, but I will instead. The leaders have discussed a few things and these are the new ranks:



In danger of demotion

Main Leaders: Layne, Elimz, Soundbooth

Party Leader: Fivestartaco

3rd in Command: (OPEN)

General: Theramagic, Nubbythenub


Lieutanant General: 27Hearts28

Major General: Monster, Emily59004, Ricardo05272

Brigadier General: Jessica, Skatey123, Waddles0, Shimmy222, Hollowbat


Colonel: Colton, Dogfood86, Numnum46, Bid Now, Lilkid1110, Chipy8910, Dex Dude

Lieuntenant Colonel: Pokeeg1, Iceeblu101, Moses106/ Connor,Weby102, Oyo8

Major: Justine5519, Icecold12347, Jojo21110, Seemore 29, Blackbeard76, Clappy 07, Loulou429

Captain: MOK, Aquaman11, Ellen90999, Rockyjosh006, Coool3, Coffee1000, Xcheeto, Blaze1027, Rocky25721,  President678, Tjsdud

Lieutenant: Eeval, Ninja7 H, Aspenization, Navye1, Furryfive, Penquin Guy, Dill560748, Freshboy15

Sergeant: Rapster97, Nike6003, Black p59214, Mike263, Minky Mills, Geguin9,  Heyapple1, Brownielife1, Ktfc123

Corporal: Cjajk, Chantilly24, Dan91123, Mugz145, Brutes 25, Tfhh, Ipenguin7656, Shenron123

Private:  Weeeeeeeebbb, MPP46,Wil28301, Fronjo4, Flufflies123, Kkelef007, Mrchatterbox, Benwhite, Trevornator8, Grassboy200, Torchwood199, Jokerfan97


12 Responses

  1. Im Active Put u Havent Put Me On Ranks

  2. what i dont understand i commented yesterday and the day before that and now im in danger of gettin demoted

    im really think im not gettin treated fairly i will not let this down till i have some right im more active then the soldiers and there getting promoted

    in other news my site has recieved a great honor

    and back to the demotion thing im tryin my hardest to get to party leader theres a vacant spot but i dont think i even want it any more or if i want to be in 3ic i dont even know

  3. How can I not be in danger of demotion? (not that I want to be) I NEVER check this site! (sry bout that)

  4. ok fine i dont demand leadership but i do sometimes complain but im not gonna check the site any more take me off the ranks

    im out bye soundbooth thanks layne hope to see again idrag and bye elimz

    you can take me of this blog

  5. uhhhhh thank you for your needless confession.

  6. im so sorry for not being to active ive been busy with vaction and soccer and more stuff ill try to make it up for the army

  7. Thanks for telling me Nubby!!! Comment a little more and visit chat and I will promote you asap!! 😀

  8. i’m elimz friend and il try 2 b activee -____-

  9. Hello,

    You probably know me as the leader of an ally army of yours, the Cpaviators. I am glad that we are allies, but I have kind of a problem. Another army is invading our shared server of Sabertooth. Check out this link: http://icyfightersofcp.wordpress.com/2010/08/26/bringing-servers-back-to-their-rightful-owners/ . The Icy Fighters are invading Sabertooth, and even though my army could handle them I think it would be nice if you guys came to help defend our server. Thanks!

  10. o yay Im promoted to a captain. thanks guys. i will be more active now 😀

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