• The Aqua Warriors is a Club Penguin Army that fights, protects, and has a ton of fun! We have many experienced Leaders and Commanders that are here to help you out and win! AW has been around since late 2007. Check out our chat and join today!

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1. No advertising or spamming

2. No swearing

3. No racism or politics

4. No impersonations

5. No offensive links or statements

6. No demanding to be a mod/ owner

7. No inappropriate behavior

8. No hacking under any circumstances


42 Responses

  1. hail the aqua warriors he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he he

  2. i wish i can be a member because they get all the what do the non members get no clothes or the other cool puffles

  3. Yeah, I know wha you mean

  4. hey! It says im a mod on your site, im above the mod line, but when i go to chat it says its a private chat

  5. No problem there, go on ASAP and I can make you a mod.

  6. When is the next event?

  7. This Friday. Then I will be gone over Christmas week skiing, so not until January, will there be another… Wow, that would be 2010!


  9. can i be member on chat?

  10. To: Soundboothcp
    From: Meh :D!

    Hey I drew this awsome xD picture of a aqua warrior with the member outfit 😀 I want to show you I don’t know when since your not on this moment.

  11. aan make me a member at 1:00 pst or 4:00 est

  12. Oh, sorry I was gone this afternoon. 😦 I added you on my buddy list though and every time I go on I check (which has been a lot today.)

  13. hey wanna be allies with joinclubpenguinblackpufflearmy? plz reply if not lets not be enemies plz

  14. can i be a mod on chat. If so come on chat this friday 7:00 cst 5:00 pst est 8:00 uk 1:00 meet me on chat if you can and comment if you can

  15. Aan10, This is Aeroboy18, you made me a custom header for “The Dark Knight Army”. I have created a new site called “The Club Penguin Justice Leagues”, its a site that allows armies with Superhero/Villian names to join it. Since i have no clue how to make a custom Header the way you and the Aqua Warriors do, could you make me one? This will be the last time I ask for help like this
    -Aeroboy18 DKA Leader 🙂

  16. And if you do make me another custom header, i want the words “The Club Penguin Justice Leagues” on it. When you have finished the header if you choose to make one, please leave a comment at my armies site with the headers code on it (incase you forgot my army’s site is http://www.darkknightarmyofcp.wordpress.com)

  17. I would be happy to make that header for you and the CP Justice League. I do not know when I will have it completed, but sometime within the next couple of days. 🙂

  18. Im not used to chat yet.

  19. Smileys!!!! (pty)

  20. You should get a bot for your chat I think it’s free so when you aren’t at chat it can make people members and stuff.
    Dex Dude

  21. I like to enter the 1000+ day penguin giveaway

  22. uhhh I cant enter cuz the xat is blocked on my comp so yah

  23. GT is battling the UMA again on Hibernate!
    Let’s join in!

  24. hello. my whole cumputer got reset and so did my person so can someone add me

  25. no one is ever on the chat i think ppl shoud be a lot more active

    P.S. im supposed to be mod……

  26. im supposed to be owner

  27. im suposed to be mod

  28. Then attend events so I can make you a mod.

  29. where is our tactical training going to be?

  30. Hey Elimz if you have a spot for commander general can you allow me to be promoted to it? Also I’ll be sure to be active during the time

  31. Elimz I checked out the rank page or home page and saw you gave out the command general to someone already.

  32. MWAHAHAHAHA! im a (soon to be) spy for beep beep ! my team challenges your team to a battle on walrus(server)! heares a hint of wat the beep beep stands for (heres theres initals)TGACP


  34. guys i surrender! i want to be on your team.

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