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Taking Another Swing At Things

Well hello everyone!

I suppose it’s been quite a while since I last stopped by, and even longer since I did more than stop by. Either way, I am revisiting CP armies because of a few reasons. What those are exactly, are as follows;

-I visited the CPUN last week and sparked my interest once again in armies

-The Aqua Warriors are trying to make a comeback, and I will do anything to help out

-My time away has allowed my graphic skills to take a considerable leap in quality

-Starting next school year, I will be enrolled in a graphic design class which will give me more free time

I guess I could go on forever, so I’ll stop there. The bottom line, is that I’m back for a while to help the CPUN, and AW if you will have me. I think the Aqua Warriors could have a real chance at rebounding from our past shutdowns and slowdowns and I want to be here to help get us there.

I would like to see some interaction on this website with AW members, or friends, and some more frequent activity. I updated the site header, and I am working on a new background. It probably won’t be to drastic, but maybe a color change to match the header more.

With more activity going on here, we’ll get more attention from others in the army community, and then the soldiering part will come more easily. First, we have to achieve the busyness that is required. More chat interaction is a good start as well.

As an added bonus, if I see anyone on chat or commenting frequently on this site I will be the first to promote them. That also brings up the topic of ranks…. Right now, they’re old, outdated and obsolete. So, I’ll save a copy of them, then erase it all. Comment if you want a place on them, and I’ll begin filling them in with current members.

Hope this wasn’t too long to bore you. Thanks for reading, if you did.



New Chat Rules!

I want people to be on our chat more often! C’mon people we have a wonderful form of communication and way to connect like never before through xat.com and it’s just sitting there! Let’s use it! Go on! Talk to friends! Make friends! I will seriously promote anyone I see on chat right then!


Active Count

Aan10 Edit: The winner for the contest is… drum roll… Elimz!Congrats Elimz. I will email you the code! Remember though, we had intended the winner to be an active soldier so don’t let us down please!

Aan10 Edit: Yeah, sorry Sound, but  I made this post an actie count now instead.





Thats all!


Riotors Edit: Check out this event! Lets Get involved to help us get more noticed!!!

Invasion of Ice Palace

When – This Sunday (tomorrow)

Where – Ice Palace

Who – WW, GW, HSA, IMAF, CPST, CPL, AW and PDW VS. UMA, IW, and Nachos

Why – To help IMAF get their capital back.

Time – 4:00pm pst, 5:00pm mst, 6:00pm cst, 7:00pm est, 12:00 midnight uk

We will be ORANGE during this battle if we help!!!!!!!!!!!


Aan10 Edit: I editted some details, let me know if you can make it still. Thanks.

Alright Aan10 I tried planning an event, let me know what you think!

I am Planning an event for us now! Bottom line: we need more ACTIVE troops. Last night me and Aan10 went recruiting and got someone to join :D. So here is the event:


Sunday, December 6

Time: 6:00 PST (pm)

6:00 Pacific

7:00 Mountain

8:00 Central

9:00 Eastern

What Server:



We will start at the town and then just go around the island!



What is this  for?

We need more troops! So if we can get at least 4 people to come, we will most likely get more members!


Read Post below

Recruiting Session

There is going to be a recruiting session on Thursday, the 19th. We will be on chat 10 minuted before it starts. This is a great chance for anyone who is ranked as a mod, it’s even better for someone who is ranked below that! I will be handing out promotions to those who come (unless they are above the owner line). Here is the info:

WHEN: Thursday, November 19, 2009

TIME: 4:00 PST

5:00 MST

6:00 CST

7:00 EST

SERVER: Sabertooth

Comment if you can or cannot come.


AW Leader

Practice Battle with TS/ Orange Raiders merging

Aan10 Edit: Ok, you guys will be on your own for the pb on Saturday. I do not like not being there to lead you, but I will be out of town. It was either this or canceling it, and that’s the last thing I want to do. So do a good job and win!

We will be having another practice battle this weekend. Except now the times are not messed up. Here is the info:

WHO: Thunder Storms

WHEN: Saturday, Nov. 14

TIME: 12:00 PST——— 3:00 EST 2:00 CST 1:00 MST

SERVER: North Pole- Snow Forts

Be on the chat 20 minutes early for recruiting. I expect us to beat or tie them. You MUST be there or be demoted. (That is for people who say they are active or complain when demoted.)


AW Leader