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Howdy! It has been a while that I have not been very active. And I apologize for that. I will try to be more active now. I noticed the promtions and think some of you should’ve gotten higher. So I will make a couple of events and if I see you are capable of a promotion, I will grant you it!

I noticed CP made some new servers and we must act quickly! I dropped some of the servers.

Invasion/Claim of Oyster.

When: Sunday, 19th.


6:30 EST

5:30 CST

4:30  Mountain

3:30 Pacific

Invasion/Claim of Zipline.

Date: Monday, 20th.

7:00 EST

6:00 CST

5:00 Mountain

4:00 Pacific

Invasion/Claim of Hypothermia

Date: Wednesday. 22nd.


7:oo EST

6:00 CST

5:00 Mountain


4:00 Pacific

Recruiting  Event. (Be on Chat to see which server)

Date: Thursday, 23rd.


8:00 EST

7:00 CST

6:00 Mountain

5:00 Pacific



23 Responses

  1. Howdy guys! It’s Dee here with EXCITING news.

    You guys are going to be in a 6-Way Practice Battle. Also known as a Royal Rumble Practice War back in the 07s and 08s, six armies including YOU GUYS will be taking on each other at the same time on the server of Summit on December 25, 2010 – next Saturday. You have one week to prepare and get your tactics ready.

    Rules and details are given in this post:

    You may ally with armies in the 6-Way Battle but not bring allies who aren’t participating. 😉 There will be judges, results, pictures, news reporters, and other people watching! This is for the title of CPUN’s Next #1 Army and the winner will be given privileges and will be decorated champions for months to come! For any questions, comment on the post and our site! If times need to be changed, tell us as soon as possible. Maybe you can ask your soldiers if the time is okay.

    Anyways, goodluck and we’ll see you there! 😀 I think it’s best your CPUN Representative stay active at our site through-out the week in case of any crucial updates. Get to know your enemies at the war!

    Have an awesome holiday! :mrgreen:

  2. i should be able to come to all of them

  3. Might make all of them.

  4. I can probably come to all of them.

  5. hmm a royal rumble on christmas idk if i can make that

  6. Good job AW! Looks like the army is expanding! Keep up the good work!

  7. UK times?

  8. oh i am exept im leaving on christmas night

  9. Aren’t you guys joining the CPUN 6-Way battle? We changed the schedule ages ago. We’ll put it on a Wednesday next week. 🙂 Please reply as soon as possible!


  10. ACP is invading Zipline, so if you want to fight them for it, feel free. Good luck in the CPUN battle! I’ll be judging!
    -Pwn, CPUN Justice

  11. uhh good job?

  12. i cant come tomorrow but ima try to sneak lol

  13. hold on, for the billionth time its ER!!!

  14. Hi! Just too let you know the CPUN 6 way PB date has been Changed to December 29, Wednesday.


    Thanks! :mrgreen:

  15. guys, i’ve been missing alot since i’ve been in camps
    – Conner

  16. i can come to the ecruiting session

  17. elimz, plz sub the water troopers of cp 4 this site’s sub

  18. everyone, i hate to say this and i might not see any of you (especially thera and elimz) ever again. I am retiring the Aqua Warriors. I will deeply miss Aan10, Elimz, Layne, Soundbotthcp, Theramagic (THE MOST), and Tehpicskill. Thank you all for making my experience the best expirence I have had in Club Penguin Army History. -Moses106/Conner

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