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6 Way Battle for CPUN’S #1 Army! iTunes Contest!



10:00 A.M PST

11:00 A.M MST

12:00 P.M CST

1:00 P.M EST

Server: Summit

Layne Edit: Contest ends in two days, I will pick the winner at noon on Tuesday, but if the winner is nonexistent, or only has one recruit, I will not be awarding the iTunes gift card.

Elimz Edit: I cannot come due to camp. So Layne can fill it up. But if Layne or Aan or no owner is there, I assigned some moderator ranks to take over so listen to them! Wednesday night, I will check who came and give them promotions and a party or even the video I was talking about! But if you cannot come without a decent reason, like you forgot, you will be DEMOTED. If you say you will come but you don’t you will be still DEMOTED.

Guess what! The Aqua Warriors have been chosen to participate in the 6-way practice battle that will determine who the top CPUN army is. Six of the main and most active CPUN armies have been chosen (including us!) and will battle it out on Wednesday, December 29th, 2010 for the title! As I said, we will be battling for this MOMENTOUS title and if we win, will be super EPIC! Of course we are already epic 😉 but this would really get us a lot of attention and recognition, probably more recruits too. So I want everyone to come to this. We can have 5 people easy at a battle, 10 people has been tough to get sometimes, but I think we can pull off 15 penguins on CP for the battle! That is the minimum number of AW troops who need to be there for us to have a chance of victory!

So please ask your parents, call your boyfriends and girlfriends, tell your neighbors, to CANCEL ALL PLANS NEXT WEDNESDAY! We need you soldier! We need every person we can get! Soo…. I propose a little contest. Do you guys like iTunes gift cards? Well I have a $10 iTunes gift card that would love to be given to a lucky winner. Want to know more about how you can win some moolah?

Yep, it’s that easy, just ask your friends to join, visit some chats and mingle with some potential recruits. Now why would someone want to join if they found out it was for a simple contest? Well I’ll tell you. You should join because it will help someone in AW win a gift certificate and feel great about contributing to the success of this army. Not to mention you will now be a part of this AWsome place that will have more contests in the future 😉

Alright soldiers! Let’s get to work!



25 Responses

  1. i cant i gotta go to Michigan (not an excuse)

  2. heh im coming to the rumble hmm the contest might be tricky for me though

  3. can we be allies? my site is: http://halloweenerswinnerscp.wordpress.com/

  4. and i need ppl to join

  5. AWsome. Let’s get the AW rolling! 😀

  6. Yeah, I came up with that corny little pun hehe 🙂

    So does no one want to win an iTunes gift card? That’s ok, I’ll just keep it for myself if no one wants to recruit a few people. I’m cool with that 😀

  7. Gahh. I was going to post that but I guess you’re awesomer with typing :D. I can’t come, though.

  8. I can probably come. Though I might be leaving for vacation that day. So, I’m not sure.

  9. who said i wasn’t going to recruit ill be on my sis’s account on christmas and ill be getting recruits

  10. Ooh a gift card! I want one!

  11. unfortunately i cant come im going on vacation iin Pennsylvania

  12. im coming on wensday

  13. yea i don’t think i can do the contest

  14. I was going to remind you guys about this but it seems like AW is already rollin’! 😀

  15. Be on chat around 15 minutes early. http://xat.com/theaquawarriors
    Be there, or get demoted, be there to get promoted. 🙂

    Seriously. (unless I or Elimz have had early warning and a practical excuse).

    The Contest
    The iTunes gift card was not awarded, by the way. I will award it however, if we win the 6-way brawl. I will put the names of everyone who came in a drawing and draw for a winner!

  16. Leaders! 😀 Come to CPUN chat 10mins before the battle!

    We also have a new post where you can comment any concerns for easy access. 😉

    We’ll see you and the other leaders there. Goodluck Aqua Warriors! :mrgreen:


  17. Ok here’s who came to the battle:

    Me(I had to lead)
    These people came to the battle and deserve promotions 🙂

    Hurricanex also came but he isn’t in this army but I’m happy he helped!

  18. I only took 3 pictures because most of them ended up being embarrassing to the Aqua Warriors 😦

    This one is just sad because this is how many people we had during most of the battle

    • It wasn’t too bad on Club Penguin because some people do not go on chat during battles or xat does not work for them, but the numbers are disappointing. Thank you so much for taking control of the battle Grillchz, you have been promoted to Command General. I would love to see more of your leadership and activeness. Soon you may be put on trial for an owner spot. 🙂

  19. im truly sorry i messed the battle but i just got home for the store

  20. well i guess i have to be demoted since i said i would but didn’t ):

  21. I am sorry i think i have to retire. I can’t take all the homework and sports. Sorry. 😦

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