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The New Ranks with Promotions and Demotions

I made some pretty drastic changes to the ranks after so much activity these past weeks. So many people were demoted I won’t even label them. But I would like to point out that a ton of unactive people got demoted because there needed to be room for the promoted people!! I also noticed that many people were not ranked and had been coming to events and had joined (formally or informally). Those people have been added for better or worse than what they may have had in mind, but I did most of the ranking based on what I had seen. So here are the new and improved ranks!

Main Leader: Elimz

Army Advisor: Aan10, Layne

Party Leader: Goldshadow7

General: Theramagic


Command General: Kotsad11, Pokeeg1/ Shadic

Lieutanant General: 27Hearts28, Weby102, Grillchz200, Indigoflare

Major General: Monster, Emily59004, Trumpyjosh, Scar411, Trevornator8, Mrchatterbox, Super Silver

Brigadier General: Jessica, Skatey123, Waddles0, Shimmy222,Ricardo05272, Paulwag, Hollowbat, Arm456, V117


Colonel: Baked Potatoes, Betaguy, Bid Now, Frothe, Raymond531, Lidstrom, President, Firegem18

Lieuntenant Colonel: Colton, Dogfood86, Numnum46, Dex Dude, Freezy210, Iceeblu101, Lilkid1110

Major: Seemore 29, Blackbeard76, Oyo8, Clappy 07, Loulou429, cPenguin Cjh, Chipy8910, Moses106/ Connor, Lokie3, Robbarr, Barda

Captain: Justine5519, Icecold12347, Jojo21110, MOK, Aquaman11, Ellen90999, Xcheeto, Blaze1027, Rocky25721,  President678, Bluecute100

Lieutenant: Eeval, Ninja7 H, Rockyjosh006, Coool3, Coffee1000,Tjsdud, Aspenization, Navye1, Furryfive, Penquin Guy, Dill560748, Freshboy15, Shenron123

Sergeant: Rapster97, Nike6003, Black p59214, Mike263, Minky Mills, Geguin9,  Heyapple1, Brownielife1, Ktfc123, 7car, Cynder Spyro

Private:  Weeeeeeeebbb, MPP46,Wil28301, Fronjo4, Flufflies123, Kkelef007, Mrchatterbox, Benwhite, Grassboy200, Torchwood199, Jokerfan97, Cjajk, Chantilly24, Dan91123, Mugz145, Brutes 25, Tfhh, Ipenguin7656, Nicole Vip

The blue names were promoted. The purple are people who will be promoted soon if they keep up their hard work.

If you think there is a mistake somewhere, please comment with what the mistake is and why you think it should be otherwise. You may also comment if you think you should have been promoted and why.

There are some events coming up soon guys! I will post the info tomorrow!



13 Responses

  1. layne im both pokeeg1 and shadic so how come im there twice

  2. Sorry about that, I meant to put a / there instead. Fixed it though 🙂

  3. Hahaha, when I saw my name in purple I was like 😮 but then I read the bottom and now it makes sense.

  4. next event ill be there!

  5. heh im getting closer and closer to being an owner and when that day comes i will not let down AW

  6. Aan Get on Chat know i need to talk to u or elimz

  7. Sorry about my inactivity. My computer broke and was only recently fixed. If your name is in red. What does that mean?

  8. Congratulations on the promotions guys! 😀 For those who were demoted, work harder!

    Anyways, I’ve been out for a while but I’ll be checking in from time to time again. 😉


  9. guys christmas party is on an excellent time to get new recruits and alot of new servers. merry christmas

  10. ong i am so sorry. My computer broke. i am on my dads right now but he soesn’t let me on that often.

  11. hi elimz. sry i have not been active, but things to get busy. and btw thera, the hogwarts thing i commented on.

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