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6 Way Battle for CPUN’S #1 Army! iTunes Contest!



10:00 A.M PST

11:00 A.M MST

12:00 P.M CST

1:00 P.M EST

Server: Summit

Layne Edit: Contest ends in two days, I will pick the winner at noon on Tuesday, but if the winner is nonexistent, or only has one recruit, I will not be awarding the iTunes gift card.

Elimz Edit: I cannot come due to camp. So Layne can fill it up. But if Layne or Aan or no owner is there, I assigned some moderator ranks to take over so listen to them! Wednesday night, I will check who came and give them promotions and a party or even the video I was talking about! But if you cannot come without a decent reason, like you forgot, you will be DEMOTED. If you say you will come but you don’t you will be still DEMOTED.

Guess what! The Aqua Warriors have been chosen to participate in the 6-way practice battle that will determine who the top CPUN army is. Six of the main and most active CPUN armies have been chosen (including us!) and will battle it out on Wednesday, December 29th, 2010 for the title! As I said, we will be battling for this MOMENTOUS title and if we win, will be super EPIC! Of course we are already epic 😉 but this would really get us a lot of attention and recognition, probably more recruits too. So I want everyone to come to this. We can have 5 people easy at a battle, 10 people has been tough to get sometimes, but I think we can pull off 15 penguins on CP for the battle! That is the minimum number of AW troops who need to be there for us to have a chance of victory!

So please ask your parents, call your boyfriends and girlfriends, tell your neighbors, to CANCEL ALL PLANS NEXT WEDNESDAY! We need you soldier! We need every person we can get! Soo…. I propose a little contest. Do you guys like iTunes gift cards? Well I have a $10 iTunes gift card that would love to be given to a lucky winner. Want to know more about how you can win some moolah?

Yep, it’s that easy, just ask your friends to join, visit some chats and mingle with some potential recruits. Now why would someone want to join if they found out it was for a simple contest? Well I’ll tell you. You should join because it will help someone in AW win a gift certificate and feel great about contributing to the success of this army. Not to mention you will now be a part of this AWsome place that will have more contests in the future 😉

Alright soldiers! Let’s get to work!




Today, we faced the Earth Warriors. They tried to invade Snow Day from us. But we defended very sucessfully! I’m very proud of you guys and I think this was one of our best events so far and keep it up! 😉

Our epic win picture at the end of the battle!

These are the people who came and they compared pretty well to the 3 people on Earth Warriors chat! Great job! 😀

Look at all that blue!!!!

So what happened? We battled them for twenty minutes in the Snow Forts with puffle bomb, smilie face bomb, war face bomb, and a few phrases. We outnumbered them there 6-9 to 2-4 for the entire time. Then they went to the town and recruited. We stayed in the Snow Forts because some Team Gold people had showed up apparently in support of Earth Warriors. We did some tactical positions and then went to the Town. We battled them again and for 5 minutes we both recruited side by side. When it was apparent we won, we went to the Dock and took our victory picture.

After the battle, the Earth Warriors leader, Ace Ee, admitted defeat to Elimz and Layne.

Great job Aqua Warriors!! A clear victory for us! Remember to go to the tournament tomorrow at 2pm Eastern time.

-Layne and Elimz

Second Tournament Battle

Aan10 Edit: We need to be more active on our chat. I would love to go on every afternoon and see people on there talking! If I happen to come on this week, and I see you, you will either get a promotion or a couple medals depending on your rank. I don’t like to see an empty chat! Do you want to make some good friends and improve cooperation? Go on!

The second CPUN tournament battle will be under way on Wednesday between CP Defenders and CP Rangers. It would be a good idea for any AW troops to attend (in “civilian clothes”) to observe the battle. If you go and take a picture of you during the battle, I will award medals. Remember, medals can earn you all sorts of prizes, including a promotion! So attend the battle to get a little refresher on CP warfare before our battle with the CP Blue Force.

I will be out of town on Friday and Saturday, so I am trying to arrange our battle with CPBF to be on Thursday or Sunday. If not, Soundbooth or the next highest ranking officer may lead. I expect to be there otherwise.

Please comment and let me know what day works best for you. Thursday? Friday? Saturday? Sunday? Comment!

~When you got one shot, make it count~


Tournament Update

Here is the CPUN tournament bracket. We will be battling the CP Blue Forces first.

I expect us to win this first round for sure, do not dissappoint me. The time for our battle is to be announced. Check here often for any more news and updates.

Recruiting Sesh Results!

Sound: Now thats owning! Thats also top 10 army stuff!

WOW! WE DID AWESOME! We had at least seven people at all times on CP as we changed rooms and even attacked some bots who crashed the party. I am a little disappointed though that a couple key people did not show. Anyway here is a pic of the chat at one point (Eddie came on later):

Here we were at the very beginning:

We had the most people at the town here:

Great overall job AW, the following people came:

Jessica, Skate, Emily, Sound, Aan, Eddie, Hearts, Chris, Elimz, and Rapster

Comment on the active count for a promotion (if you are a member or mod), if you don’t you get demoted!

-You got one shot, make it count-


Active Count

Aan10 Edit: Sorry, but it will have to be on Saturday or Sunday. We need a little more notice for the other troops and I was gone Friday night. My family went out to dinner so I would not have been able to make it.

Soundbooth; Make sure to comment! And Aan10 this friday at 8est we need to have a event!

And I just got promoted to Captain in ACP!!!!!!!

I need an accurate count of active AW troops. By doing this active count I will not have that. So after this count, there will be a practice battle. The time is TBA, as well as who it will be with. Hopefully that will have you checking this site more and being MORE ACTIVE!

Comment with:

1. Aan10

2. Main Leader

3. Active

If you do not comment, you will be demoted. Period. I do not want to have unactive people leading this army (especially the mods and owners). COMMENT!


Aan10 Edit~ I found out who deleted the site from wordpress tonight. The user was 2Chrisfarley2 (Chris the other leader) but Eddie1675 had access to his email- I’m sure Chris’  email had his account password to wordpress. So it was one of them or a true hacker, which I doubt. I talked to both of them earlier today before I knew. I suspected one of them at the time, now, I am awaiting another email with some extra details. When That arrives, I will give an update on exactly who did it. If I still need some more info, I will call a meeting with Eddie and Chris. If one does not show up… well we just may know who did it. If you haven’t noticed Chris hasn’t posted at all on here either. Well, we will see…

Guess what I saw today on the OFR site? See for yourself.


How random huh? Does that even make sense… “Actually now they are called the Golden Warriors.” Interesting how my first comment contains bad spelling, bad capitalization, and information about a war I couldn’t attend at a time like noon on a school day. THIS IS WHAT I WROTE:


They had already deleted some of my comments and edited others. Then they edited that comment to make it look like I wanted a war that no one in AW could make because it was in the middle of a school day for U.S. people. So, why would I have scheduled a battle like that… haven’t you been reading! I didn’t, they did. 😐


Those liars who are too low to even reply and pretend they can’t see my comments deserve a war. So here, for everyone to see I am scheduling a war against OFR. I expect all warriors who have found this site to be there. I also expect all warriors to comment saying they will be there. I want to kick their butts.

If you can’t come comment with the info why.

If you are there I guarantee a promotion. Even to people above the owner line:

WHERE: North Pole, Snow Forts

WHEN: Monday, October 12th, 2009

3:00 PST (CP Time)

5:00 CST

6:00 EST








AW Leader