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Aan10 Edit: Remember to read Elimz’s defense insert at the bottom of this post! 🙂

I haven’t seen much going on around here lately and thought I should let everyone know that we are expected to be at a tournament on Sunday. Here is the info for the 28th.

From the Small Army Central: http://cpsmallarmycenteral.wordpress.com/


  • No Bots
  • No Allies
  • No Joke Bombs (just to make the battles a little more interesting)
  • Battles last for 30 mins
  • Battles must not start earlier or later than the given time
  • You must battle in 3 rooms for 10 minutes
  • the army that wins the most out of the 3 battles wins

If your army breaks a rule they will be automatically defeated or even disqualified from the whole competition. The Details: Group Stages:

Group A:

  1. Cookies of Club Penguin
  2. Aqua Warriors of Club Penguin
  3. Expedition Army of Club Penguin
  4. Snow Warriors of Club Penguin

Server: Walrus

Judge:  123John3

Group B:

  1. Club Penguin Ranger Troops
  2. Impossible Mission Army Force
  3. Penguin Mafia
  4. Ice Vikings of Club Penguin

Server:  Muluk

Judge: Skyfish

Group C:

  1. Team Red of Club Penguin
  2. Puffle Warriors of Club Penguin
  3. Blue Army of Club Penguin
  4. Blue Puffles of Club Penguin

Server: Vanilla

Judge: Doodygirl1

Group D:

  1. Club Penguin Supreme Army
  2. Club Penguin Navy
  3. Cowboys of Club Penguin
  4. Thunder Warriors of Club Penguin

Server: Cozy

Judge: Josiv2000

There are four groups, each group contains four armies. Each army will have a number, either 1,2,3 or 4. The number is the number your army is given in the group listings above. For an example the Aqua Warriors of Club Penguin are number 2 in group A. Each army will battle every army in their group  once. Every battle will be judged by one of our judges. I have tried to make the groups as fair as I can and add a bit of taste to them like putting the two puffle and viking armies up against each other. Each group is given a server. All battles in that group will be fought on that server. All battles will be fought in the Snow Forts. The fixtures (times and dates) of the battles are listed below. Each group has a judge. The judge will to judge every battle in the group. I no judge shows up we rely on the two armies to agree on the result of the battle or both armies will be given 0 points. Fixtures: key/Legend:

  • A = Group A
  • B = Group B
  • C = Group C
  • D = Group D
  • 1 =  Army 1
  • 2 =  Army 2
  • 3 = Army 3
  • 4 = Army 4

Saturday 27th November 2010 11 PM Penguin Standard Time, 7 PM United Kingdom Time, 2 PM Eastern Standard Time, 1pm Central Standard Time, 12 PM Mountain Standard Time, 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

To work out how to find your army take the letter of your group then add the number of your army in the group.

Example: Cookies of Club Penguin = A1

  • A1 Versus A3
  • B1 Versus B3
  • C1 Versus C3
  • D1 Versus D3

Sunday 28th November 2010 11 PM Penguin Standard Time, 7 PM United Kingdom Time, 2 PM Eastern Standard Time

To find your army take the letter of your group then add the number of your army in the group. Example: Cookies of Club Penguin = A1

  • A2 Versus A4
  • B2 Versus B4
  • C2 Versus C4
  • D2 Versus D4

Please post the details on you army’s site

We should go to this and finish strong because apparently we have missed one of the battles. I will not watch us loose our credibility. If you come to this you will be up for promotion. If you don’t, you will be demoted.

-Aan10, Retired AW Leader, Current Advisor


I’m sorry for posting this so late, guys. But the Earth Warriors are Invading our Capital, Snow Day from us! We already lost a lot of servers. Let’s not lose this one!

5:oo PM EST

4:oo PM CST

3:00 PM Mountain

2:oo PM Pacific.

November, 27th! Day before the tournament!



I’m back/ Active Count

I am back from camp! My ankle is turning all sorts of colors due to a sprain while I played soccer, but all in all, it was a great week and a nice vacation. Now that I am back I will be working to set up an event. We need a battle. So I will get you the details soon!

I need to know how many people are still an active part of this army, so please comment with…

Your Name or Xat Name

Your Aqua Warriors Rank

How many times a day, do you check the site?

That will be all. Be sure to comment because I will be promoting and demoting people according to this!


I’m back and the Time Zone Issue is Solved

Alrighty everyone! I am back from a long and tiring weekend with my friends. On Friday I got up at 4:30 am to go to Six Flags with my grade. We got back at 10:00 pm. We got back pretty early considering I’ve gotten back at 12:30 am (30 min after midnight) from a track meet this year. The whole day was a lot of fun and wore me out! That night I had a church lock-in and got 4 hours of sleep. I had been up for 23 hours when I went to bed finally. When I got home yesterday I got another 4 hours of sleep in my semi-dark room (I wish it was darker) I had to pack and clean out my room. I am moving, for all that did not know, in two weeks! So my parents restricted me from the computer until I was done. Sadly to say, yesterday, I did not finish. Last night though, I got to spend the night at a neighbor’s house. That was cool, especially since this is my last weekend I will be in town. This week I will be gone Thursday afternoon until Sunday night. 😐 When will my life get simple!?

So, here I am. Back for as much time that I can cram in. With 2 weeks of school left, projects, and exams are a huge part of my life right now. I will not be as active as I would like due to that.

Now as for the time zone issues that are popping up, I have a link for you all! http://www.talktocanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/time_zones1.gif The picture in that link is a global time zone map. Central time is Orange and includes Chicago and Mexico City. Mountain is Blue and has Nevada. Pacific has Las Angeles and Eastern, of course, has Toronto and New York. If you live in England, then you are Orange and are 5 hours ahead of New York. So if it is noon in the Big Apple, it is 6:00 pm in the UK! All authors please now include England’s GMT time zone in any event times now that you know what the difference is!

Thanks for reading this longgggggg post, but I had a lot to be addressed. An event is coming up soon, and I will not tolerate zero attendance on our chat! So get your butt on over!

If I see people on chat, whoever is there will be promoted. End of story. Unless you are above the Owner Line.

~When you got one shot, make it count~


Weekly News

What’s Going on This Week:

1.) We are entered in a CPUN tournament. Details will be posted soon at the CPUN site. http://clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com/

2.) We will be invading these servers next week and weekend- Bobsled, Sleet, Ice Berg, and Arctic.

3.) After the invasions we will have one more practice battle to get us ready for the tournament. I want us to be fully prpepared for the tourney.

I will not tolerate any slacking off these next few weeks. I want us to win the tournament! I know we can do it, but you need to give it you all and be committed to the Aqua Warriors. In these next few weeks, I will be watching you all because we have quite a few openings in high command. I want those openings filled with loyal, smart, and dedicated warriors. So do your absolute best to attend all of the upcoming battles!

~When you got one shot, make it count~





We will be having some quick reaction drills this week. Here is the first. If you attend any of the following drills this coming week, you will earn 3 medals! Here is the info:

When: February 20
Where: Toboggan
Time: 1:00 PST  4:00 Eastern  3:00 Central  2:00 Mountain  1:00 Pacific
Who: CP Gang Army
If you attend you get 3 medals!


Aan10 Edit: Great job everyone! I am sorry I could not come, I had a track meet. I got home at midnight today, and am currently on though it is almost 1:00 am 😕 But I wanted to congratualte you all and let everyone know I fixed a few bugs in the CSS and the site is much better now!

We ruled! We had like 7 people!

We had so many penguins! And if your not joining go away lol.

More owning

SO many!

This was our chat tonight.

We did great!


Your creator has returned!

Most of you new recruits do not know me but I am Ephris11 the person who made ths army. After a very long retirment I have returned to bring the Aqua Warriors back to it’s former glory as a top 10 army. I want to meet all of the new recruits so I know eveyone on the army and I want everyone to be on chat daily.  Since my legendary penguin Ephris11 was banned by a hacker in 2008, my non-member penguin is Aqua Torpedo and I hope to find you all on club penguin someday. As for leaders let’s work hard to bring the Aqua Warriors not just the top medium army, but in the top 10 army list!