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Long Time No See/News

Hey guys, it’s Elimz. I don’t know if anyone is reading this because barely anyone is on these days. As you know, I DID retire but I recently came back. I’m not sure if we should revive AW because it might not really work out well. Currently, I’m only in 2 armies and I could squeeze in some time in AW based on what we are doing. Whoever reads this, comment the following: (Note: THIS ISN’T FOR ONLY SOLDIERS. IF YOU READ THIS, MAKE A COMMENT/FILL OUT JOIN RANK)



If so, what is your rank?:

If AW is revived, would you be active?




12 Responses

  1. Also,

    Name: -Kot-/KotSad111

    I was in AW

    Highest Mod

    Im retired, but I’d help AW out.

  2. My xat account name is Her0oFTh3Day just to let you know. 🙂

  3. Name: Pokeeg1
    Are you/Were you in AW: Yes, im in AW
    Rank: 4ic Officer
    Loyal if AW was revived: yes

  4. KotSad111


    Highest mod

    Retired, still help out.

  5. Grillchz200 (Grill)


    Umm 3ic last I checked

    Definitely, always have been always will

  6. Your army has been updated on the Club Penguin Army Advertising site for the month of October. Use this site to find links to other armies and also check out our army servers page.

  7. hey what happened to my post

  8. Swimmy Blue

    i was

    i was a leader of AW once

    Of Course! i loved this army

  9. weby102


    i am a lieutanant general

    it depends if i have school

  10. Anyone up for another round with me?

    1. Aan10
    2. Yes
    3. Former leader and legend
    4. I’m currently coming back for some work with the CPUN and their website. I would like to help AW if things pick up again, and not necessarily as the leader.

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