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What Happend?!?!

Guys what’s happened? there hasn’t been a post in months! Is there something I don’t know about or are we dead? I mean my laptop was broken so I don’t really know what’s been happening recently but if we merged or made a new website like tell me in a comment…Sooo if we are dead I’d like to bring AW back to life. If I don’t find out what’s happened I’ll just try to restart AW and hopefully make us the strongest we’ve ever been.


~ Gяιℓℓ¢ђz2θθ


6 Responses

  1. yea we merged but we were suppose to start back up in the summer and its the middle of july for me so i don’t know why we haven’t done anything

  2. as far as i know this army is dead

  3. Yeah, I guess we died. Even though it was summer, I was still just as busy as I was during school so I never got to do anything with AW. If anyone wants to bring AW back, feel free. I would prefer it be someone I know who is already a site member. Not a random hobo off the street…. Anyways, let me know if someone wants to take over.

    • Layne Edit: Fixed name
      dude taking over AW thats a big job, but i would like to do it but im not ready for it yet and did elimz retire because i googled her and i found her retirement

  4. by the way there is a comment from Roaltyx thats me i just forget to change my name sometimes

  5. hey is there a way that i can help bring AW back to life? i can give it a pulse…CLEAR!!!!!! does that help? ill try one more time…CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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