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I’m Back

Well, as the title stated, AW, I’m back from my vacation. To be honest with you, I just wanted some time away from Aqua Warriors to think some more. I’ve been experiencing with other armies more now and I learned couple of things. But first, I’m here to say that I’m very disapointed Grill. You did not even do one task I have asked you to do. I know you were busy and all but you could not even do 1. Yeah, we’re all busy but you could”ve at least made a post. I’m still thinking about trusting you or demoting you or giving you another chance. And I have read Layne’s post very very carefully and I have made a system. Demotion actually does push soldiers to inactivity so I will do it the other way around. So, if you’re really that inactive, I think I’ll hold demotions per every three monthes. I don’t know. Still thinking.

People Will Be Demoted When:

-You never came to one event for 1-3 monthes.

-You never comment on site.

-I never see you on chat.

-You have at least missed 5 active counts.

I think it’s good enough. I’m still thinking of promoting methods as well. It would be nice if we all held a meeting. And………………Here goes Active Count #1.



                                                                     Active 1-10:



13 Responses

  1. Pokeeg
    Command General

    by the way why am i listed on the ranks as both shadic and pokeeg?

  2. I’ll fix, don’t worry

  3. KotSad111

    Highest Mod


  4. Layne
    (No comp allowed during week)

  5. Dratsterboy

  6. Moses106

    PLEASE READ ELIMZ AND TROOPS: Dear Aqua Warriors, I will be retiring on the date of March 25, 2011. I am just to busy with fighting for the Cold Warriors, Water Vikings, Light Troops, DCP, Oreos, and over 30 other armies. Believe me, I will deeply miss Elimz, Thera, Aan10, Layne, Soundboothcp, this site, and every other troop in this army. Goodbye forever Aqua Warriors. Sincerely, Moses106

  7. am i the only active person in this army cuz we haven’t had an event in a long time

  8. can i rejoin

  9. oops sorry about the Roaltyx post i forgot to change it

  10. can i join again. i havnt been active for about 3 mouths but my am back. i can make this the best army ever

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