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Hey Guys!

Hi guys, its me Grillchz200 your temporary leader! 😀 Some of you may not know me so I’ll tell you some stuff about me. I’m a Major General in ACP, I’m the 2ic of my army called Mountain Warriors, I’m a Command General in this army (Aqua Warriors), and a Commander in Watex Warriors. I first joined armies in August, 2010 and I’ve always been active in Club Penguin armies and I hope I am until the day I retire. Before ACP was my top priority, but now if ACP and AW have an event at the same time, I;m going to the Aqua Warriors event. I hope we have a lot of fun while I’m the temporary leader and I hope I’ll be a good leader for you guys haha. Thanks Elimz for making me the temporary leader and thank you for thinking that I’m ready for this position and I won’t disappoint you. :mrgreen:




18 Responses

  1. nice that you got picked grillchz i have to admit im jealous.by the way how did u edit on the homepage

  2. Hello,

    I am an old Aqua Warriors leader if you need anything email me at jakepawl@yahoo.com. I have some old accounts to give away so let me know! Good luck

  3. Grill, I made a post in the drafts page. You should read it. 🙂

  4. Hi guys, how is everything? I’ve been pretty dang busy with school and sports. Basketball season has pounded me this winter. I’m glad to see that the army is still going though, and I’m very thankful to Elimz and Grillchz for doing such a great job. I’m proud of you guys for being so loyal to AW. It’s because of people like you that have kept AW alive the past, what, 3, 4 years? Anyway, I really, really, reeeeally, appreciate how awesome you two, and all of the other soldiers are that have stayed true to AW. This is getting a little long and redundant now, so I will end on these statements:

    1. I will be back. Most likely over Spring Break a little, but for sure this summer.
    2. I am not here to steal anyone’s thunder, I just want to contribute more.
    3. If someone would like to donate $14.97, we can get CSS again 😀 or I could do that, doesn’t matter to me.

  5. And does anyone like the header? I made that one and saved it for a time when CSS ran out. 🙂

    • It’s beast Layne, lol

      • Haha well thank you. And I have just discovered that my school’s wifi does not block the wordpress app. That’s flipping sweet 🙂

    • hey layne, its me, dewtster. i havent been active on cp lately, but i will now, and be operating CPR, the website u commented on (Club Penguin Radio)

      we would love to sponsor the Aqua warriors, plus if u want, we need an author for our site so if u want, u can join

      • Wow thanks, AW would love to be supported by CP Radio. And I would like to help out, but right now I’m very busy. Definitely during the summer and a little over spring break though 🙂

  6. BMA 2G would like to have a PB with you guys:
    PB w/ Aqua Warriors
    Jack Frost, start at Town
    Saturday, Feb. 19th, 2011 @ 10am PST, 11am MST, 12pm (NOON) CST, 1pm EST, 6pm UK/GMT

  7. Well. Belated Happy Valentines to you all. 😀 I’d like to keep in touch with you guys, especially the leaders.

    The CPUN is creating a new Members page. Completely new. Only those who are active in our site will be put on it. We will draft the old one though so all history remains.

    I’m putting you guys on the new Members page though. Drop by sometimes. Goodluck your studies all of you Aqua Warriors! 😀

    Drop by. 😉

    • Hey Dee! Thanks for the news! It’s great that CPUN is preserving it’s history while it moves forward. I’ll be sure to check out the new members and I hope other AW members will do so 🙂

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