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Tournament Round 3 Results

It was actually pretty close. I got onto chat and CP late due to church. I got a few pictures and after the pictures, I will make my full post-battle spill.

We had 4-6 for the battle and the Expedition Army had 5-7. The numbers were close and I think on another day we could win, but in every battle there is a winner and loser. Sometimes you have sore losers, and I dislike them very much. AW, we are not sore losers. Here are the pictures, the evidence, we lost. I will accept this one because Elimz, Thera, and soooo many more people weren’t there due to prior engagements. That’s perfectly ok, because we are small enough that we depend on every single member and people have things going on in real life. Next time, I do not want us to have such pitiful numbers to show though. Promotions are due today, and I will have those posted later tonight. I have a list of the people who have been to the recent events, and they will be promoted or elected for promotion if they are high enough.

Until next time,



3 Responses

  1. damn i missed the event awwwwwww

  2. Aqua Warriors my name is Stew20 the leader of the Earth Warriors. We are being invaded by 4 armies and w eneed allies to help us. So if you may please help us I will pay u back. Thank you. ~Stew20
    Comment here with answer and info is on that site.

    • I checked the EW site a while ago, but neer responded and don’t want you to think I ignored you nor do I want this to go documented that we ignored an ally. I assure we did not, but I saw that the invasions were called off and that you guys were in no immediate danger. I’m going to check back every so often to make sure things are going ok.

      Good luck! 🙂

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