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Active Count.

This is just like a wake up call. We were awesome last week but I noticed we started falling slightly this week. So I wanted to see which of you still care about this army and which of you who don’t even comment.



Active 1-10:

15 Responses

  1. elimz
    main leader

  2. Trevornator8

    Major general


  3. Pokeeg1
    Comman General

  4. Name:Grillchz200

    Rank:Lt. General

    Active 1-10: 7.5 (sorry I haven’t been very active)

  5. 1. KotSad11

    2. Highest Mod

    3. 9.5

  6. Active as an observer. 😀

    Mr Deedledoo (Dee)

  7. Name: Indigoflare
    Rank: Not sure yet. I think its Command General?
    Active 1-10: about 8

  8. KotSad111

    Highest Mod


  9. weby102
    lt general
    9ish i really haven’t been my best

  10. I’m here to invite you to an upcoming Club Penguin United Nations Anti-Hacking Banner Festival. We are not trying to top hacking directly, but just to get people to remind others that hacking should not be done for fun. We have all been a victim, so please join and support! 😀

    A week from now, we’ll be hosting a one week Banner Festival in which YOU will submit your own banner. You can add your army’s signature, uniform, or even motto to the banner. The banner’s theme is Anti-Hacking so you can make up a cool banner with a quote saying “Hacking is Killing” then below “from the Aqua Warriors”.

    It isn’t a competition, but it will surely get you hits (we will be linking the banner to your site or blog) and you’ll be able to help save a few more sites by changing the minds of people today. Let’s get those banners up! We’ll be distributing your banners to several sites after-wards. 😉 Yep, we will spread the banners – especially on our site. Hopefully on other independent sources as well such as the CPA Central or SMAC or the CPAE.

    We hope you have a banner ready for when the Festival comes. More info about the festival here: http://clubpenguinunitednations.wordpress.com/2010/12/07/anti-hacking-banner-festivalhappy-holidays/

    Support the cause! Lessen the hacking of innocent sites!

    CPUN Head, ACP Legend, CPA Central Legend

  11. Name: Bid Now
    Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
    Active: 7

    Computer troubles. Im back now =)

  12. Layne
    7- for school and sports

  13. Hey guys,
    I am NFF, not aqua warrior! Well, I am not joining teams or anything, I just want to know if you are allies with ACP or not.
    We are 😉

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