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I’m retiring

Well hello there AW! As you see im retiring. Some of you are thinking ” You’re retiring already……”. I’m retiring due to HW and school. I’m sorry i didn’t mean anything really to this army. I tried my best to attend the events. I will be coming back. I’ll be on when i have free time and stuff. Well bye AW……


3 Responses

  1. Come back again in the holidays! 😀

    I don’t understand jow an author/editor rank would retire so quickly with such a privilege on a website. You could at least say you’re going on vacation than having to have to remove your name clear off the ranks. 😦

    See you around and we’ll be waiting for you!

  2. Buh-Bye,skill! Are you retiring in WW as well?

  3. Hello,

    you are up against EA in the next round of the Small Army Cup! Please visit our site for all of the details.


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