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We Win! Again!

Aan10 Edit: The red army was UPA.

Great job!! We won our second battle this weekend today! We had a great turnout and a nice and occupied chat 🙂

So first off we logged on 10 minutes beforehand and hid ourselves away. At 2pm EST we went to the Snow Forts and started the battle! SW only had one and sometimes two people to show. We had 8-12 the whole time. Way to represent Aqua Warriors!! We did various battle tactics such as lines, sayings, puffle bomb, war face bomb, and the infamous fart bomb. We later went to the Town and Dock and returned to the Snow Forts for the last few minutes. Here are the pictures:

We never found out what other army showed up, but they didn’t play by the rules.

They used joke bombs on us and were disqualified before they even were officially against us.

Whoever they were, we still beat them. 🙂

We talked to Frothe, the SW leader, who confirmed that he did not contact anyone for help.

These are the people who came, AWESOME JOB!!

Thanks for coming everyone! I will be thinking of you when promotions are due. I assure you none of you will be demoted if you came to both battles this weekend.



8 Responses

  1. That red army was a twist

  2. looks great 😉

  3. yay! we won!

  4. UPA is my army, Aqua Warriors are growing again 😀

  5. Hey Hurricane! 😀

    OMG. Nice job AW! I’m glad to be part of this regrowth. I knew you guys could do it. Hopefully Khrome will be active again. 🙂

  6. yah we won

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