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Teh Secret Active Count

Hai, we are gonna get a active count! Some of you are thinking yay some of you are thinking OMG,AGAIN? But I have a purpose for this one. If I see a decent number of troops, a surprise will hit you!! So here it is:



How Active are you:[Be as creative as possible]


18 Responses

  1. 1. Goldshadow7
    2.Party Leader
    3.im tired, so im not gonna be creative cuz im tired.xD lol about 20-50
    Not very good skill *crs*

  2. KotSad111


    More active than you’ll ever be(d)
    D: But good

  3. Pok
    Lt. General
    my activiness is over 9000!!!!
    Very convincing and good

  4. Name:Grillchz200


    How Active are you:As much as a monkey likes bananas…..
    I like that one! Welcome back to the army!

  5. Hey guys, doing great here. 😀

    Would you like to be allies with the Club Penguin Rangers? They’ve just recently returned. http://www.cprclubpenguinrangers.wordpress.com They’re the longest lasting CPUN member!

    BTW, you guys should nominate your leaders and soldiers to the CPUN Hall of Fame!


    I’m sure some of you will be added automatically though.
    Keep it up Aqua Warriors! 😀


  6. The CP Crew is invading you.

    Server: Sabertooth
    Date: Sunday the 7th
    Time: 6 EST
    Rules: No Allies, No Bots
    Must Claim five rooms to win to claim a room both armies must be in it.
    After 10 minutes if you don’t show we win.
    Dude, I’m in that army. *d*

  7. weby102

    liuetenant general

    not the best i can be

  8. Look I am quitting/retiring I talked to elimz on WW chat she said mk after I said i am quitting so yeah. Please remove me off the ranks. You may be wondering why I am quitting its because I just don’t have time for this army. I know I am in other armies but its time for me to quit AW. I am still staying in my other armies. Due to me being a 3ic in tangerine army then being dropped all the way down to private because apparently I wasn’t active but I was told my best friend that I trust I joined Tangerine Army like 2 weeks later he tells me they are a dead army. So I thought Tangerine Army was dead and elimz dropped me all the way to private. But thats not the only reason I am retiring. Please remove me off the ranks.

    You know, like 3 days ago, you said you want a better rank and I gave you Major General and now you want to quit again?

  9. I will stay in WW though so you can talk to me there elimz

  10. I never saw it elimz sorry I will stay I have been n00bish lately I will stay. Thats that. I will retire only for important reasons. Sorry about that elimz I didn’t notice it so please forgive me.

  11. u gave me a mod rank 2 thanks elimz I will stay as long as I can serve in AW.

  12. 1. Trevornator8
    2. Major General
    3. If I tell you you’d cry

    Hey, its me Trevornator8 i’m sorry that I
    am missing alot of events its that im in
    9th grade and have to do TONS of stuff.
    I hope you understand Elimz.


  13. i love AW but i got to say u guys r dying if u guys r i would love to help if you do want me to email me at swimmyblue@live.com i made a site For AW because i tohught u guys were dead but i found the site and saw u guys werent but u guys r falling i owuld love to help

  14. No problem Elimz. Anyways, I’ve added you to the CPUN Board. You might get your authorship in the CPUN soon. 😀

    You’re a CPUN Justice. You can suggest ideas and many more. Just check the description on our post about it. Congratulations.

    Anyways, once again, goodluck for this month and continue the activities! 😉

    March on Aqua Warriors!
    CPUN Head

  15. i would like yall to see my army news site it looks like only large but meduim and small armies are welcome go to army reporting page or somthingl ike that and we can report about you http://www.cparmymania.wordpress.com

  16. Congratulations,

    You have been selected to be in the Club Penguin Small Army Central Small Army Cup! Please visit out website for all the information you will need.



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