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Loss & Active Count

Elimz Edit: If anyone is interested in being Aqua Warrior’s Party Leader, please Private message elimz here. xat.com/wwofcp or xat.com/theaquawariors.

Elimz Edit Again: Also, if you did not come today, please explain why. Weby is excused.

Well guys, today we had our first defense. We sucked. Not that we only sucked, there was only 2 people including me. People who commented who couldn’t come, that’s fine. But there are people who did no comment at all. I expect more from you next time and want over 3+ people over in events next time. I think we should make a another active count as well. So here it is:



Active 1-10:

20 Responses

  1. Pokeeg1
    Lietutant General

  2. Theramagic

  3. I had ccd! Also I normally don’t get much time to check the site during the week so i didn’t even know it was happening!

  4. Name:Grillchz200

    Rank:Lieutenant General

    Active 1-10: 6.5 I’m so sorry i couldn’t come i had saxophone practice 😦
    I wish I could’ve come. 😦

    • Hi this is Adam Skywalk leader of the Black Rebels im very sorry that this loss had such a toll on you guys also as the co-leader i am glad that we are allies now we will try to help you guys out as much as we can (P.S. i also play the saxophone!!!! im not sure wich one you play cause i play the Alto-sax)
      Best regards to this army,Adam skywalk

  5. I never joined AW why am I on the ranks
    You joined Tangerine Army, which merged to AW. -.-

  6. weby102

  7. weby102

    lieutenant general

    6.7 i have been to most and had explanations.

  8. i declare war against u here are the times:
    When: Sunday, October 24rd
    Where: Cabin,Snow Forts Classic battle
    10 AM Pacific
    11 PM Mountain
    12 PM Central
    1 AM Eastern
    7 PM United Kingdom
    8 PM Central Europe
    9 pm Eastern Europe

  9. Oh good point sorry I forgot about the tangerines

  10. we are not scared (but i have a gt thing to do today)

  11. Name:mrchatterbox

    Rank: private

    Active 1-10 Retiring I am retiring because 1. I am busy with other armies 2. (least important) you gave me a sucky rank 3. Bigger armies are more important

    Bye Everyone
    I gave you a really good rank in Tangerine Army. And if you have commented on that merge post, you would have been a 3ic right now. And even if you get private, you can work it up. And to you bigger armies might be more important to you but I’m guessing you don’t know how leaders feel like. Bye!

  12. 1. Trevornator8
    2.major general
    3. 9

  13. 1.KotSad111

    2.You didnt put me on the ranks

    Oops! Fixed now. :mrgreen:

  14. Ktfc123
    I’m sorry but I have too many things to do. I will be leaving AW.

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