• The Aqua Warriors is a Club Penguin Army that fights, protects, and has a ton of fun! We have many experienced Leaders and Commanders that are here to help you out and win! AW has been around since late 2007. Check out our chat and join today!

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I haven’t done promos in a while so here they are! I hope you enjoy them =D



If you want a promo, comment why you deserved them.

Main Leaders: Elimz

Army Advisor: Layne,Khrome

Party Leader: Fivestartaco

General: Theramagic


Lieutanant General: Grillchz200,Nubbythenub,Weby102,Pokeeg1

Major General:Monster,Scar411,Paulwag,trumpyjosh,trevornator8

Brigadier General: Jessica, Skatey123, Waddles0, Shimmy222, Hollowbat,arm456,v117


Colonel: Colton, Dogfood86, Numnum46, Bid Now, Lilkid1110, Chipy8910, Dex Dude,freezy210

Lieuntenant Colonel: Pokeeg1,Iceeblu101,Moses106/ Connor,lokie3,robbarr, Eeval

Major: Justine5519, Icecold12347, Jojo21110, Seemore 29, Blackbeard76, Oyo8, Clappy 07, Loulou429,Penguin Cjh

Captain: MOK, Aquaman11, Ellen90999, Rockyjosh006, Coool3, Coffee1000, Xcheeto, Blaze1027, Rocky25721,  President678, Bluecute100

Lieutenant:  Ninja7 H, Tjsdud, Aspenization, Navye1, Furryfive, Penquin Guy, Dill560748, Freshboy15,Shenron123

Sergeant: Rapster97, Nike6003, Black p59214, Mike263, Minky Mills, Geguin9,  Heyapple1, Brownielife1, Ktfc123, 7car,Cynder Spyro

Corporal: Cjajk, Chantilly24, Dan91123, Mugz145, Brutes 25, Tfhh, Ipenguin7656,Nicole Vip

Private:  Weeeeeeeebbb, MPP46,Wil28301, Fronjo4, Flufflies123, Kkelef007, Mrchatterbox, Benwhite,  Grassboy200, Torchwood199, Jokerfan97


12 Responses

  1. I’m not on there

  2. i think i should have a promo because I’ve checked this site everyday for events and there was only 1 and i had basketball practice then and I was willing to go to any events there were.

  3. thx so much

  4. Hello,

    I am Stickyellow5 from http://www.armygfxforhire.wordpress.com . I simply admire your army site. I think it has awesome uniforms and great leaders. I worship your army!

    -CP Army GFX For Hire

  5. This is the Black Rebels army and we are going to invade sabertooth! The times and dates are below

    When: Wednesday 20,2010

    What: Invasion of sabertooth


    5:00 PM mountain time I don’t know the other times yet

  6. The room will be snow forts

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