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Let’s Keep This Army Kicking!!

C’mon guys! I know you all got it in you to visit this site and visit out glorious chat! If you have not checked out the Aqua Warriors chat yet here yah go: chat.

Remember to comment and feel free to offer suggestions, tips, and ask any questions you may have. There is no such thing as a stupid question! Chances are, someone has the same question!

The Aqua Warriors are a family! We treat others better than how we would like to be treated! (unless they are an enemy army 😉 ) We stick up for fellow soldiers and above all……..


Haha kidding above all… we have fun!!!

Please comment with any questions, concerns, or suggestions and visit chat! (This will get an owner’s attention and will improve you chances of promotion!)


Former Leader, Current Advisor


6 Responses

  1. well i was thinking we would have a recruiting session on the halloween party on clubpenguin.since its clupenguin’s anniversy and its halloween i know alot of penguins well be there.

  2. kool post!

  3. thx elimz

  4. ok elimz im sayin this in a calm voice i seen your comment and if u remeber i offered to advertise u and u said no i did it anyway and u didnt care so ok stop sponsering me im fine with

    have a good day

  5. we need enemies so we can battle and wheres our base

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