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Ayeoo, I’m really sorry I have been really inactive. I know that I’m not the only inactive person here though. This active count will depend if this army will survive or not. Please comment or this army will must likely to die. You have only one more week. I expect like 6+ people to comment. YOU guys will decide if the legacy of Aqua  Warriors will end.



Active 1-10:



13 Responses

  1. Name:Grillchz200

    Rank:lieutenant general

    Active 1-10:9

  2. i must notify that i will be retiring good bye aw

  3. 1.trumpyjosh
    2 major gen
    3. 5/10

  4. Pokeeg1
    Lieuntenant Colonel

    im checking the site everyday but no one is on chat when i check

  5. Theramagic

  6. It’s great to see five people commenting in only 2 days on this active count, but we need more!! C’mon AW!! Don’t let this be our last stand!
    Elimz: I am sooo sorry! I am an admin and did not realize that you were not! I am fixing this right now.
    High school is intense. I’m in Pre-AP, on the basketball team, and in marching band. I hardly have enough time to get homework done with my schedule. I am proud of the way you have kept AW in shape without a whole lot of help though! Don’t give up! Let me know if you ever need anything, I am happy to make time for AW and for you! k.layne43@gmail.com

  7. Rocky25721
    6-9-10 depends LOL

  8. Your army has been updated on the Club Penguin Army Advertising site for the month of September. Use this site to find links to other armys and also check out our new army servers page.

  9. Since u kinda dropped to the small status wanna merge into Earth Warriors http://clubpenguinearthwarriors.wordpress.com

  10. Layne
    Sporadically Active

  11. sorry i havnt been on much. i have lots of stuff on my mind and it is hard to get on the computer every day.

    lieutenant colonel
    4 at the least

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