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My final post

Hello AW,

I can’t let the Aqua Warriors down anymore. I have been in the army for a long, long time! Now I have Football and school. I am so busy that I only have a little while on the computer each day. I feel really bad that I have been inactive. It is just that I can’t really go on the computer at a specific time due to how busy I have been. Now I understand that Aqua Warriors have taken a beating and that it is hard for us leaders. And I hope that Elimz continues to do the great job that she is doing! I have a little advice though. Every time we have an event that not alot of people come too, don’t get angry or make posts about how it was a failure. Instead talk to them and ask why they can’t tell us if  they will be there! Make them tell why they messed up. I am not necessarily sad that I am leaving because I have had my time.  I would like to thank or say some things to some people.

Elimz: thanks for being a great friend and a AW legend. You helped and lead us through hard times. I am glad that you came back as a leader. Thank you for all you did and will do. You haven’t and I know will never let us down! Thanks for the memories.

Layne: Thanks for helping us always. You are a great leader and make some sweet graphics!

Khrome: Buddy you had alot of potential! I was so sad to see you waste it. You could have been a AW legend. All you need is patience and understanding and you will go far! and remember, never complain fight your way to the top!

Since I retired before I already said things to my other friends. I hope this army goes far and my email is jakepawl@yahoo.com if you wish to stay in touch send me an email then I tell you my name so you can add me on Facebook. Yes I also quit Club penguin as well. Soundbooth is done with Club Penguin for good. Khrome won the penguin good job man email for user and pass.  If you ever wanna see me in an online game again come play runescape and add soundbooth1. Thank you all for all you did for me!

One last time!

~“We fight together we go down together”

~Soundbooth, AW leader and Medal of Honor holder, ACP Lt.Col.


2 Responses

  1. It was nice knowing you too,Sound. I hope when you have some free time you can go on chat and talk. 😉

  2. Bye soundbooth

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