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1000 Day Old Penguin Giveaway!

Soundbooth’s edit: Almost over!!!

Hello Aqua Warriors!


That is right! It is a level 1212 day old penguin! Here is what it has!


So do you want it? Then all you have to do is be an active AW solider for awhile and all active soldiers will comment saying “I want to enter”

Then fill out this form:

How long have you been in AW:

How active are you:

Where did you here about AW:

Good luck!!!! 😀

Note: If you are a new Aw solider you must wait 1 week until your reward will be given.

And I want everyone to know, I have 5 more accounts WAY BETTER then this one i will be giving away in the future!

~”We fight together, we go down together”


14 Responses

  1. Pokeeg1
    since the middle of July
    Half active,half not
    GT ally page

  2. khrome

    for about 7 months

    always active

    acp allies page
    You have not been in it for 7 monthes. You joined this army at late April so its more like 3-4 monthes.

    email oanthony23@aim.com
    Do not lie next time #2

  3. tjsdud
    uhhhhh idk like at may?
    yes i wll be very active.
    my friend elimz txted me to check this cite so yeah 😀

  4. does it have unlocked items? if so that is so cool

  5. i didnt know sorry i feel bad now

  6. Its okay khrome you are still in the contest. 😉

  7. guys i have a update on the site you might wanna see

    my cheat site

  8. you all have gotten no da life

  9. Alright. Who hacked you soundbooth?

  10. How long have you been in AW: 2 Weeks

    How active are you: Veary Active I Cheak Site Everyday

    Where did you here about AW: CPA Central

  11. umm i think about late jully so about 2 months

    it really depends on school but i check every 3 to 4 days.

    my friend slept over and said she was in an army so we looked and this site looked cool so i joined.

  12. Idk how long I’ve been here
    once a day
    tangerines merged into you guys

  13. Rocky25721:

    How long have you been in AW:3 months

    How active are you:6-9/10

    Where did you here about AW:Khrome

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