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Highly Disapointed

Wow. You guys are just terrible. I was testing how *inactive* the leaders were. None of them made  a post. I know that Taco is busy that your in school and all but I’m disapointed. (Layne, I see you’re active. So not you) But Soundbooth, I really didn’t want to say this but  ever since you became leader, you’ve been inactive than you were when you were advisor. And Nubby, you’ve never been active. When you do make a post, it’s about a dumb youtube video. I really didn’t want to say this but I’m really at the edge of anger right now. If you think I was inactive, I was testing how inactive you guys were. Not just the leaders but the people are too. I know some of you have school but at least you should check the site once a day. If you are not gonna be active, just comment I quit. We don’t need dead people as part of our army. Leaders, post events. I think I am the only one that  post events. I’ve always used to check this army out alot but now, I barely have the courage to do anymore. I am at the edge of retiring. You better start being more active than this. Come on, we have people who quit because we were so inactive. Unbelievable. Comment on this post if you still check the site.


10 Responses

  1. yes I check.

  2. p.s that is a news site

  3. ……i have football from 8am to 2pm everyday i am so sorry 😦 i thought i made that clear. If u want elimz, i will leave AW. I have been so busy with football and summe reading.

  4. Im srry elimz i forget to check the post everyday. I know a demotion so go and do it.

    • I highly! HIGHLY respect you for not whining and readying to face punishment. But you wont be so dont worry 😀

  5. i do every day

  6. Sorry for my brief point of inactiveness everyone, I went out of town for 2 days and was only able to get on my laptop once. Before that my laptop was taken away unfairly by my dad as a punishment for my lounger brother. I know, like I said it was unfair to take away my computer as punishment for him, but what can you do?

    I think we need to have a big and important event this week. School starts next Tuesday for me and when school starts, I’ll be honest, I will probably have to retire. I just can’t manage high school, band, basketball, spanish, and pre-ap with AW and my social life. I am really sorry guys, but it’s true.

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