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Active Count

I think I really need to see who is active. 😛  I’m keeping this nice and simple. Based on this, I will hold a event or meeting of some sort.



How Active Are You?

That is all.

~I will work harder.


13 Responses

  1. 1.elimz
    2.Main Leader
    3. As big as the universe. 😆

  2. 1. Dex Dude
    2. Colonel
    3. Because I’m commenting on this post, I would say I’m very active?
    -Dex Dude
    P.S: I see you liked my idea of an active count. 😉

  3. BTW, I think Eeval is on vacation or gone or sumthin but she is active and she is a Lieutenant.

  4. nubbythenub
    3nd in command
    im active

  5. soundbooth, leadr active!

  6. Name: Oyo8
    Rank: Major
    How Active Are You? Very
    That is all.
    ~I will work harder.

  7. theramagic
    i check the site 2-3 times a day

  8. Taco
    Party leader
    i check teh site 2 times a day

  9. I got grounded from the computer the other day and just now got on so:

    Main Leader

    I should get my laptop back later today and hope to get on.

  10. Name: Penguin Cjh

    Rank: Major

    How Active Are You? Im Active

  11. Name: Ktfc123
    Rank: Corporal
    How active are you?: I get grounded from the computer on weekdays so I’ll TRY to get on the site on weekends and please forgive me if I’m not active for a while because my family is undergoing a big move from London to Canterbury in Kent and we may not have the internet for a while so very sorry. Once the internet is back I’ll be online most Saturdays and Sundays unless there is a Vietnamese new year at the Buddhist temple. Over and out!
    The Aqua warriors rock!

  12. Name: Eeval
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Activeness: I’d say pretty active

    And I’m back from holiday AT LAST (honestly, you’d think i’ve been away for centuries)

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