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Just Out Of Curiosity

I want you to list all the armies you are in. I don’t care if it’s 1000 or 2. Just list them. (counting the Aqua Warriors) I would like it if you put them to the most important to the least important. You will not get promoted or demoted by this.



3. Armies

The reason why I’m asking because from now on, it looks as if we will have lots of battles with other armies. I wouldn’t exactly like it if you had were in a army we were enemies with. But be honest. You can even put Aqua Warriors last.

20 Responses

  1. Elimz
    Main Leader

    1.Aqua Warriors
    2.Roman Fire Warriors
    3.Ocean Troops
    4.Mysterious Freedom Warriors
    5.Cheese Warriors
    6.Ice Warriors

  2. Dex Dude

    1. Army of Club Penguin
    2.Aqua Warriors

    I’m new to the Aqua Warriors, so it could still become my most important/favorite army other than ACP. I’m so close to the rank of Moderator, so I hope I can rank up soon! Do you guys have promotion days?

  3. Of course we do 🙂

  4. Fivestartaco
    Party Leader/2ic

    Crystal Warriors
    Lime Green Bunnies
    Army of Darkness
    Orange republiv
    Watex Warriors
    Team Red
    Cheese Warriors

  5. Layne
    Main Leader

    Aqua Warriors
    Golden Troops

  6. Thanks for answering my Q Elmiz. When are promotion days?

  7. Hey guys, it’s Dee here. Glad to see you guys are still alive.

    You guys have been featured on the CPUN site for about half a month now, I’ll be putting a new army in though. But the good news is, you guys got into the CPUN Top 10! You placed in at number 4 behind the MFW, DCP, and the SSCP.

    I hope this increases the morale of your soldiers. Keep staying with us and we’ll keep your name around town. 😉

    Goodluck for this week. I hope to do a mass recruiting activity with you guys! Congratulations once again! Until then! 😀


  8. Eeval

    Only Aqua Warriors now


  9. Hey guys there was a battle scheduled today for 1 Central Time zone and I and this guy named Elmiz were the only people that showed up. We did not call it off but we kept on going. It was my first battle yet I had to lead it because I was the highest rank. We did puffle bombs, we recruited, and we didn’t give up. I’m just saying to all you Warriors, you should have been there. Owners, if any of you could post this message, it would be greatly appreciated. Next time, I expect to see more of you warriors there. I just joined and I was surprised the guy who planned it wasn’t there. I hope I see more people there next time. Elmiz and I were talking about maybe getting a promo for being the only people there, who are also new to this army. -Hint, Hint ;^)-

    • Thank you for attending Dex Dude, but as a Main Leader I was not able to attend. I hope that any future events can be discussed before they become official so this does not hapen again. Thanks for taking charge, we all appreciate it! 🙂

      P.S. Elimz, Weby, Taco, Hollowbat, Theramagic, Eeval, and I are girls. 😉

  10. Sorry, but his name wasn’t Elmiz if you read the comment above it was Eeval. Those two names are easy to get confused, right? Lol.

  11. Pokeeg1

    Lieuntenant Colonel

    Aqua Warriors
    Golden Troops

  12. theramagic
    ice warriors
    aqua warriors
    mystic champions of cp

  13. Tomorrow I’m gone for two weeks I’ll post when im back (Just a reminder)

  14. Aqua Warriors

  15. 1.name Oyo8
    2.rank Major
    3. Armies ACP,Cheese Warriors,CPUD,American army of Club Penguin,Aqua Warriors.

    But I will fight for Aqua Warriors if we fight ACP but I will stay out of it if we fight the any other ones.

  16. 1.Hollowbat
    2.Brigadier General
    3.Secret agents of clubpenguin people and Cpba r important cause im a high rank in them,Aqua Warriors

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