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Hello Aqua Warriors,

Dang! We are growing! Now here are some things that we should sort out to make us a better army.


9 Responses

  1. Who voted for gen 1?

  2. HI I’m not sure which Generation I joined I’m guessing it’s the 4th generation since I just joined like 3 days ago but I’m not sure….

  3. just to notify you, i cant actually go on the xat website now because its blocked by a software my neighbor put on my laptop….

  4. Hey guys there was a battle scheduled today for 1 Central Time zone and I and this guy named Eeval were the only people that showed up. We did not call it off but we kept on going. It was my first battle yet I had to lead it because I was the highest rank. We did puffle bombs, we recruited, and we didn’t give up. I’m just saying to all you Warriors, you should have been there. Owners, if any of you could post this message, it would be greatly appreciated. Next time, I expect to see more of you warriors there. I just joined and I was surprised the guy who planned it wasn’t there. I hope I see more people there next time. Eeval and I were talking about maybe getting a promo for being the only people there, who are also new to this army. -Hint, Hint ;^)-

  5. Voted on All Polls

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