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We Were Totally Awesome!!

is what I would’ve said it 5-7 people showed up. Only two people came. Hollowbat and Elimz. If you can’t come, just say you can’t. I’m not gonna bite your head off. Geez. I want people who didnt come to comment why they didn’t. (some people are excused) And Hollowbat, I remember when you first came here you were a noob but now, you are really good so Hollowbat is promoted as a mod. I also promoted Weby and Poke as well. I expect more from you guys in the future. I also organized the ranks. 😆 I will upload the pics later. I gotta go somewhere now.

~I will work harder


9 Responses

  1. 😦 IVE BEEN BUsy! sorry football is starting and im reall busy

  2. i was a noob?lol elimz

  3. Today was the most embarressing thing happened. I couldn’t make my own event. 😳 I had to go to buy school supplies 😡

  4. Lol same here Soundbooth. I probly need to get that done before the 24th. . .

    Hey I also am adding “Icon of Ze Week” to the right sidebar so keep an eye out for that awesome new addition! I am in the proccess of making the text, but will get a new icon every week from a super cool icon website!

  5. so that means you no why i didnt come?

  6. Yeah Weby you told us

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