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Current Goals For the AW

Elimz Edit: Did you guys know that Ganger, Scampi Bri and Riotors were once a part of AW? :O https://theaquawarriors.wordpress.com/2010/01/24/the-new-ranks/

Hey guys, we need some goals. Here they are.

  • Get AW army legends back. (I think Ephris might come back) (still working) Elimz haz this
  • Make a youtube recruiting. Soundbooth has got this!
  • Have a recruting and recruit soldiers.
  • Get a small army to merge. Elimz haz this
  • Change the rank systems a bit. (everyone is jammed with private) Elimz haz this

Any more? Taco, Soundbooth or Layne, you can add more if you want. You can claim them too.



13 Responses

  1. Hey I don’t think Ephris can come back. Aan said he was a few years older than him. That would make him a sophmore or junior in high school. And I think Ephris has come back before. To learn more I talked to the former leader and experienced CP Army legend, Aan10:

    Who have some of the most notable people in AW been:
    Well I knew Bri, Blazeboy, Ganger, Ephris, Andrew, Chrisfarley, Riotors,
    Nascar/ Jeremey, Elitesof, Panthers Bas and many more people personally. All of those people except Elitesof have been in AW at some point. Did you know that after AW was hacked I recovered the site from the kind wordpress representatives and with Riotors help found cached photos of the old site to build this one? Rio was a great help to me and Blaze when we had to start from scratch to build this army again.
    Should a legend come to help out AW?
    I wouldn’t say that it’s no use, or that it wouldn’t help, but some of the CP legends are just getting too old for this stuff. I and a few others return every now and then to check on things and provide some advice. So I would suggest getting a “semi-legend” if need be, to step up as a 3ic. That would probably help.
    How do you think things are going in AW so far?
    I greatly admire the hard work and dedication going to the Aqua Warriors right now. When I led the 2nd generation it was usually just me and Blazeboy as the only steady owner ranks. Some people came and went, but I could always count on Blaze, right until the day he retired, he was a great friend and leader. Already you have done better than me, you have more than 2 people contributing as leader figures in AW. Keep it up, because you guys are on the right track.
    Thanks for answering my questions!
    No problem. Good luck!

    • I knew those people from some point. I know Bri,because I call her “Breeeeeeeeeee” Riotors I knew is in this GFX shop. The others I know. Pathers[panties] is in WW.Blaze led along turtle,and Fire Ducks. I know all those names,but I can’t put my tongue where.

      • Yeah taco I know that you know bri because you are in WW. So can you convince her to come back? I tried but I she wasnt on RFW chat.

      • Kay, I know Granger is in GT,Riotors is at Braveboy’s GFX shop,Panthers is on WW from time to time.

  2. Ephris said he will come. I will give you prove. Even though he has one problem.

  3. *proof https://theaquawarriors.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/ephris-proof.png
    . Ephris and Soundbooth are the same age. Soundbooth still hasnt quit this army yet and he is probably all older than us. Ephris isnt the only person I’m hoping to get back. I’m trying to get Eddie,Chris and Rio and more. I also saved all the emails on the join page to tell the people who werent even active to be active again. I got Khrome and Eeval like this.

    • im 15 going on 16 in april. And if you are trying to bring alot of people back, many of them are prob older. Im going into 10th grade. lol so ya older then alot of peeps here.

    • I’m not sure about that. Chris and Eddie have had interesting histories in AW and recently ended them on a good note. Maybe we need to focus on getting known and making a name for ourselves, rather than trying to get people who are ‘famous’ to join and make us popular.

      • Yeah, I know that Eddie and Chris are sort of enemies because they were fighting. I’m just emailing the people on the join page and encouraging them to be active.

  4. I will try to get some people who were inactive as well. There is a handful of them in the join page.

  5. im on club penguin now (serious multi tasking ill tell ya!) so ill see if i can get a few people to join (since i usually miss everything i feel like i should make it up). and what should i say? I am not good with words…

  6. I want to be in a video

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