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PB With Fire Nation Warriors

Five: I’m awesome like that 8)

Elimz Edit: Great job today taco. You were great. Sorry I had to eat my awesome dinner. xD

We won.

The people who came:

  • Pokeeg1
  • Elimz
  • Weby102
  • Hollowbat
  • Fivestartaco


We whooped some Fire Nation butt 😆

Here is Rexrulz, the leader of Fire Nation That They Lost. Rex heppens to be a really nice guy. Maybe we could be allies with his army.

Or maybe not. 🙄

The then was supposed to be a *them*. Please spell right. Dude, why dont you like us? What did we do to you? We just wanted a simple practice battle. Was it because you were losing? Whatever reason that was, it’s dumb and disturbing to the Aqua Warriors. 🙄


12 Responses

  1. u said elimz twice so it didnt say i was there. :^(

  2. couldnt come guest over sorry!

  3. Sorry I couldn’t come to the pb today, I had to go to the movies with a friend and got back just after the battle was over. Great job though!!

  4. im so sorry its just that im into this awsome new game called 7 wizards its so cool you have to try it i even met mimo and i mean the famous yep mimo777 but his name is mimo so now i got paintboy100 on cp and mimo on 7 wizards all i need is chrisdog93 any way sorry il will come to one but try the game 7 wizards here the link


  5. I love to see chat pictures in posts, so keep on posting these! Visuals make posts more exciting and eye catching. I suggest you also take a picture of the users in the AW chat during events to post along with the CP pictures of the event. 🙂

  6. I clicked on the link and all I saw was half naked girls wearing bikinis. 😯 And Isnt runscape a guy game? *wary* and aan, I will do that

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