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Practice Battles You MUST Attend

This is our major chance to shine. I expect everyone to be there. Here are the times and opponents.

Practice Battle with the Earth Warriors


When: Tuesday, August 3rd
3:00pm PST
4:00pm MST
5:00pm CST
6:00pm EST
7:00pm GMT
9:00am UK
Server: Sabertooth
Go to chat for CP instructions


Practice Battle with Fire Nation Warriors

When: Sunday, August 1st

4:00pm PST

5:00pm MST

6:00 pm CST

7:00 pm EST

8:00pm GMT

12:00am UK

Server: Sabertooth

Go to chat for CP instructions


❗ Comment if you can or cannot come ❗


Make sure you go on chat for these events. These practice battles are mandatory. You will be demoted if you do not come without prior notice.

~I will work harder.

36 Responses

  1. I think I can come to all.

  2. I think I can come to these practice battle.

  3. I think i can come to both of the practice battles,but if i cant come to one of them or both ill tell u.

  4. i dont think i can go to the one on August 1 but i think i can go to the one today

  5. I don’t know about the one for today,but I think I cam make the the one on August

  6. 😆 😥 👿 😈 😯 😕 😡 😐 😳 🙄 :mrgreen:

  7. Great job today Aqua Warriors, I stopped by today at your pb and found out anout the rescheduling. You turned today around though with a tactics session and I am very proud of you guys for that decision.

    Keep up the great work!


  8. Ok i think i can make both.

  9. I made us a new header!! I think it looks fantastic! 😀

  10. By the way how does the motto I put there sound? I thought it was a good one at the time.

  11. I will come! Also you still haven’t added me as author.

  12. lol all the elements is their an air nation too?

  13. lol avatar the last airbender rox!the movies ok but the show is better.

  14. this is hollowbat.dont post it i was on my sis’s gmail. ~Hollowbat

  15. Lol avatar the last airbender rox!!!the movie is ok but the show is better.

  16. Shoot!!!!! i cant make the one on today. :^(

  17. The header’s great, Layne! What program do you use?

  18. I couldn’t make the pb today because I was out of the house at the time. My parents insisted on lunch and then the grocery store. Joy. So sorry I couldn’t come to that.

    I used Photoshop CS5 for the header.

    • I had photoshop,but when I took it to the laptop geek to fix it up,the person ERASED my photoshop 😯

  19. oops i thought today was august 1st………………………………………..

  20. What are you guys talking about? ITS TODAY

  21. i dont know if i can make it ill try

  22. i know i was talkin about yesterday but theres a guy on chat who wants to battle AW.

  23. Cant make the pb with earth warriors

  24. im SOOOO sorry but i cant make it. I have party for my army, and we have patroling

  25. I may be a few min late for the pb today

  26. your gravatar is weird

  27. sry I wasn’t able to come… And if you want to find the origen of my gravatar
    go to superheroa.wordpress.com and look at the ppl page.

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