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Good News!!

Today was recruiting. It was AWESOME. Even though it could’ve been better. We had 5 people.

Here is a list of people who came:


Thats was awesome!

Pokeg,Weby and Hollowbat, Check your ranks!

Here are the pictures.

Awesome right? But, I want people who couldn’t come to comment why you couldn’t or you will be demoted. (taco,khrome and Nubbythenub is excused)

Also, here is the epicest news EVERR.

Soundbooth, our ex-co leader and advisor, is officially coming back as a LEADER in aqua warriors! Isn’t that great? I wanted to put him on the ranks right away but he wanted to make sure that Layne was okay with it. Layne are you okay with that? That’s all!

~I will work harder



17 Responses

  1. Sweet im in a picture!!!!!!!!! Oh and thx for promoting me!!!!

  2. thank u for promoting me to and even though no one came it was fun!!!!

  3. This is great! 😀

    I’ve always urged armies to give their soldiers promotions! I’ll be featuring you guys in the CPUN!

    We apologize for not putting you on the Top 10 CPUN Armies poll. I will personally check on you guys in the next few days to see how you’re doing. I’m sure you will get that position in the Top 10. 😉

    Keep going guys! Try personally inviting people in chats. Hope you all have a great week! 😀

    Just drop by if you need anything.

  4. I woulda come but after realising it was midnight in UK i couldnt.
    Sorry bout that.

  5. urm…. when was it siad about the recruiting?

  6. oh right nvr mind

  7. Sorry I was not there, I had been on the computer “too long” yesterday in my dad’s opinion and was cut off. I will be making a great effort to not miss any more events.

    Also, I do approve Soundbooth’s decision to come back. I would be honored to serve with him. Thanks for lending a hand Sound!

  8. I’m sorry, I have been inactive for a real long time. I am going to start being active again, sorry.

  9. Tomorrow I a going on holiday so i will not be available until about friday next week. Also it is rare that i come online during the weekends so i will not be able to come to events on weekends. This is because my computer is at my grans house where i stay during the week and i go to my mums house at weekends who does not have a computer. 1 week after i come back from the holiday i have just mentioned, i am going away again for two weeks. I will try and post dates for that. I think thats about it.
    ~Eeval Out~

    • Thank you so much for keeping us updated Eeval! I will make sure that you are not demoted at all during your time of absence.

  10. layne what did lux1200 say abou putting the blog on his blogroll

  11. i couldnt go cuz i had to go to a movie with my bff and i didnt realize the movie was that day. sorry! and my friend and i planned to go see the movie that day before i found out about this! sorry!

  12. ok well i couldnt go cuz my bff and i planned to go see a movie that day and i didnt know it was that day! and we planned before i found out about this! sorry!

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