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Promotions & Demotions

There was a active count, there was a week of events. Yet, the same people showed up. Demotion approaches more than promotions. So here it is.

Red=About to get demoted



Main Leaders: Layne, Elimz

Party Leader: Fivestartaco

3rd in Command: Nubbythenub, Khrome

General: Theramagic


Lieutanant General:27Hearts28, Iceeblu101

Major General:

Brigadier General: Jessica, Waddles0, Shimmy222


Colonel: M O K, Sorrytylon, Aquaman11, Colton, Dogfood86, Numnum46, Bid Now, Lilkid1110, Chipy8910

Major: Ellen90999, Justine5519, Icecold12347, Jojo21110, Barda, Seemore 29, Blackbeard76,Monster, Emily59004, Ricardo05272

Captain: Eeval, Ninja7 H, Rockyjosh006, Coool3, Coffee1000, Xcheeto, Blaze1027,Pokeeg1,Jessica, Skatey123

Lieutenant: Tjsdud, Aspenization, Navye1, Furryfive, Penquin Guy, Shenron123

Sergeant:   Nike6003, Black p59214, Mike263, Minky Mills, Geguin9, Tfhh,

Private: Cjajk, Chantilly24, Dan91123,Mugz145, Hawiankt, Brutes 25, Weeeeeeeebbb, MPP46,Wil28301, Fronjo4, Flufflies123, Kkelef007, Mrchatterbox, Benwhite, Trevornator8, Grassboy200, Torchwood199, Jokerfan97,Dill560748,Ipenguin7656

If your not gonna be active, just say that you are not. I will be more than GLAD to remove you from the ranks you dont even deserve.


5 Responses

  1. Your army has been updated on the Club Penguin Army Advertising site for the month of July. Use this site to find links to other armys and also check out our new army servers page.

  2. Hey thanks for letting us know! I believe this is the 3rd generation Aqua Warriors by the way.

  3. sryy i had a very busy week i trided to make ir but i couldent :{

  4. you have been invited to a small army tournament.Comment back here if you want to be part of it http://cpaadsandnews.wordpress.com/

  5. Nubby. Please try toi be more active this time and yes, I beliveve this is the 3rd generation of the Aqua Warriors.

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