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Elimz:Also, choose a edit color! I call yellow! Btw, I watched Cheetah Girls today(I was bored) and one of the girl’s name is AQUA. Copycaters!

Fivestartaco: I call Lime Green *wary* My motto pwns don’t steal it or you’ll heard from meh. Elimz I gotz suggestion for your motto- Keep friends close but keep your enemies closer. XD

Elimz edit: Hahaha taco, Soundbooth’s is Lime Green. You’ll have to choose another color. xD and I’ll think about it.

Soundbooth: Thanks for remembering Elimz 🙂 lol

Fivestartaco: Hmm how about blue? If blues taken I want Seafoam Blue.

Elimz:Cool. Either Blue works. 😀 so which one do you choose? And soundbooth lol I would never forget.
Hi guys. I just noticed that we need a new motto because we dont seem to have a motto. So I got one. We splatter with victory. It might not make sense but I’m being conceited and I think it’s good 8) Here are other suggestions. I was digging through old headers and this is what Aan(retired) thought of.

  • There’s a strong, and there’s a aqua strong.

More Of mine:

  • Warriors in the mist. (or should it be aqua?)
  • Victory,ties, and water!!!(I dont like this one)
  • AQUA POWERR(how original)

Also, when ever the authors are making a post, make a motto. (not an army one. For your personal ness)


blah bal asfhaldkfh alkhfk lahfdas gfadg adg agadg\

~your mottto here.

Aan(retired)-If you got one shot, make it count.

Soundbooth(advisor)-We fight together, we go down together.

I think mine will be War does not determine who is right, war determines who is left. But I’m still thinking. It’s too violent…THIS IS ONLY FOR AUTHORS.

It can be on, this army or clubpenguin warfare or just war. IDK just describe your self or something. But dont make something stupid like I LIKE PONIES AND CHOCOLATE SUNDAES! Comment if you thought of one. Comment if you have a suggestion for Aqua Warriors motto

Khrome-Friends are better than enemies.

Taco’s-Pwn hard or die trying.

Soundbooth’s-We fight together, we go down together.




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