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good news and bad news

okay so as the tittle says we have good news and bad news the bad news that nobody showed up except me and emliz again the only exucuses were fivestartaco and layne and for the rest im very dissapointed that none off yah showed up guys why arent yah being active come on all you have to say is sorry i cant make it and even our new recruits didnt make it im very dissapointed at you guys elimz already gave this speech so im not going we have pics but elimz didnt upload it yet guys you need to be more active

the good news is that we have a new server lucky us even though we didnt even tell the opponet but still atleast we won go us


2 Responses

  1. *elimz and I will upload pictures tomorrow. I’m TOOOO lazy today

  2. srry could not make it

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