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Week Of Events

Hey Peeps we need to get more active so we are having the…

Invasion of Snow Day:

Opponent: No one

Reason: We need more servers.


5:00 PST

6:00 MST

7:00 CST

8:00 EST

1:00 AM UK

Room: Start at town.

Date: 7/15/10.

Invasion of Snow Covered:

3:00 PST

4:00 MST

5:00 CST

6:00 EST

11:00 UK

When: 7/16/10.

Where: At town.

Recruiting in Deep Snow:

5:00 PM PST

6:00 MST

7:00 CST

8:00 EST

1:00 AM UK

Date: 7/17/10.

Start at town.

Practice Battle With Moon Warriors:

Server: Sabertooth


4:00 PM PST

5:00 MST

6:00 CST,

7:00 EST,

12:00 AM UK

Date: 7/18/10.



Btw,these are our new uniforms. They are easy and I think anyone can simply follow it.
Remeber that you can still wear the old uniform, or anything close.

27 Responses

  1. I think I can come on all of them.

  2. i can make it but you cant just do that you have to have an oppenet you have to tell the people were invading

  3. And it’s only a practice battle

  4. no not the practice battle i mean the invasions like the one that said no one as an opponet you have to tell them

  5. theres no one to tell them to.

  6. i might not make all of them because im going to camp sometime this week

  7. And thank you for telling me that khrome

  8. How would you like to make history? Well now you can, you and your army! Taking place this Tuesday is the Small Army Battle of The Year! We can use as many allies as we want and would love for you to help! If you would like to make history with us comment on the site saying you will. More info. is on the site!

  9. idk if i can come to any of them. but i think i can. it depends on if it is 8 am or 8 pm.

  10. idk if i can make it i might have soccor pactive

  11. OMG! Im so sorry! I can’t make it! My internet isn’t working. So I’m using my Ipod. I promise that I’ll make it up. I’ll come to the rest of the events.

  12. My dad got mad at meh for continusly asking him “CALL COMCAST” so he gave up and called them. Now the internet is fine. Erase “Pyrusdragionoid@gmail” from the list and use “dragionoid.cp@gmail.com” I have new wordpress account :mrgreen:

  13. Snow covered is full

  14. keep refreshing!

  15. we rocked today 😀

  16. I cant meet recruintg today. Sorry. Going somewhere in 30 minutes.

  17. Ok, no problem. We just finished. Taco had to leave early too. It was pretty good though.

  18. I don’t think I can make today either. 😦 I’m going to a resteruent at 6 and might come home later. Sorry.

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