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The recruiting. How could you miss it? I understand Layne because you told me the reason why you couldnt come. But everyone else? Come on, I made it even on a sticky post! Seriously, I wrote it in a clear font. The time was clear. If you didnt know what time zone you were you could’ve just asked. Do you know which time of people I hate the most? Not the people who doesnt come to events not the people who annoy people. The annoyingest is when someone lies. On join pages, there are people going like Oooh! I’m so active! Ooh I check this site like 1000 times a day! Yeah lies. In the join page, if clearly states. “Do you pledge you stay loyal and active?” everyone wrote something like Yes Sir! or Or course! If you want some of these liars, theres handful of them in the join page! And you are not gonna be active, dont comment on the active count. You’re making some people actually expect. Yeah the active count, Layne wrote How many times to do check this a day? People wrote 10 or 3 or whatever. Yeah, how could you have missed the post? Can you comment on other things that are not a active count? If you’re not gonna come, at least comment. “OH I CANT COME” if you say that, we’re not gonna bite your head off. And DONT JOIN THIS ARMY IF YOU JUST HAVE A LOT OF RANKS OF CLUB PENGUIN ARMIES.I have more on my mind but I’m not saying them. Btw, here is the picture.

That’s me in the middle and Khrome at the right and stalker at the left saying hello to us.  Please don’t do this in the future. I will hold recruting more often. P.S how the heck are we suppose to do a PB when we only have 1-2 people coming at recruitments? P.P.S: There is something wrong with our chat.


4 Responses

  1. There is nothing wrong with chat. Are you sure you guys are using it correctly? You simply type and click the little arrow button to talk to people. The users panel shows the current and recent users with a color code.
    Red= Not online
    Green= A guest
    Blue= A member
    White= A moderator
    Orange= An owner
    So remember, red mean they ARE NOT online. And don’t click the sign out button unless you plan to temporarily leave. If you plan on leaving, just exit the link. Chat is fine, and everything is working as it should. Please let me know if something is still not working and I can help you out.

  2. srry i went fishing that might so i couldnt make it

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