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Checklist For the Aqua Warriors

Okay guys. Here I am posting when I should be studying for me finals. Ahh. Who cares. Here is the new checklist that I think is good.

  • Get new uniforms. Reason- Not anyone has a black hoodie and it’s like a generation 3 uniform.You can still wear the old uniform though.
  • Get experienced people. We can ask ephris or riotors or someone who is a legend to join the aqua warriors.
  • Get a new capital. Reasoning-I know it sounds chicken but there’s too much tension when we had Aurora and I do not want that again.What about something like Snow Angel or Snow Day which seems pretty peaceful for now. And we should get some safe chat servers. Like ice link.
  • Get some small army to merge into us. That might not be a big problem. I own a army and it’s failing anyway.
  • Get a better bootcamp or rebulid it. I will be making a new site for bootcamp.
  • Splash water on soldiers.(not really it’s a expression) A lot of people here seems to be fallen. Let’s get that up.

15 Responses

  1. I think the bootcamp idea should be trashed. Let’s be realistic. Only major armies have them, and why? Because dozens of noobs join daily and otherwise, they wouldn’t have a single person below general that knew what was going on! I think bootcamp takes time and effort and needs seperate people to lead it, than the people who lead the army. We’re small enough to provide the basic info to any newbies that join AW, so let’s not worry about a bootcamp right now!

  2. We were once very big. Check this out. https://theaquawarriors.wordpress.com/2010/01/24/the-new-ranks/ but the Aqua warriors bootcamp is such a fail. If you must see it, it’s awbootcamp.wordpress.com.(No offense) I guess you’re right and we need more troops first. In this link, you can even see legends here.

  3. the Uniform that I’ve thought of. I know it sucks. The shoes are blue sneakers or you can black sneakers too.

  4. Here is my idea: http://i50.tinypic.com/2poe3b6.png

    I don’t have many of the items in your’s sadly.

  5. I don’t have the hoodie. Can we make it to a blue t shirt? Like any?

  6. I have the blue soccer uniform, and a blue shirt. I think the shirt looks tacky though. The soccer uniform is in the Sports Catalog. Pretty available and easy for recruits to get.

  7. FAILING?!? give us a chance I’m sure ppl will start coming on soon!

  8. I am very insulted. We are not toatal fails:(

  9. Lol ok. My bad. xD

  10. Hey Elimz go on xat. I can make you Owner.

  11. im back im sorry i was not avtive

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