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Final Address to Aqua Warriors

To my friends,

Aqua Warriors has and was one of the best medium armies ever. We even once made it in the large. We were unlike any army, where were not like ather armies where we were just a army, we were friends. Everyone on the ranks page is my friend. This site will for ever be up so all can see what we were. We stuck together, always active. We went from 0-100 and we could never have done it without all of our soldiers. Or as I’d rather say, friends. Why is this the end? Its not the end. As FRIENDS we all are retiring. We need to move on. But I will never forget the friends I made here and im not just saying that. If I may, which none will defy, I give Elimz the Medal Of Honor for sticking with us. You earned it. We will all keep in contact, because im asking everyone to put their email address on here for us to add and talk to. We should and will be now a group of friends instead of an army. So one more time…………..

“We fight together we go down together”


I thought are theme song would be a good ending.


8 Responses

  1. hey guys i quit i dont want to be part of this army no more im sorry it has to be this way but since people are quiting i should do it while everybody else is ive joined a new army

    the ice warriors this is my farewell

  2. The Ice Warriors are a good army, I started out there. icey is a good guy. Good luck Khrome. Thanks for all of your great ideas and activeness. I mean that bud 😉

  3. i will always remember aw and miss it 😦 aw is an amazing army

    my email address is penguin.101@hotmail.co.uk

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