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Elimz Retirement

Soundbooth: Medal of Honor goes to Elimz

Okay, guys I retire. I had a fun and experience leading and being in this army. And it has been a pleasure that I was. But I need to move on. I have tennis, guitar,swimming,church,school, and friends. I dont need to keep going on this website, I really have to move on and face my real life. Sorry I left like this but really, I have other things than just stay on this website. I’m sorry.  And aqua warriors were part of my life and I enjoyed every part of it. And leading this army was fun but this army was unusual and also challenging as well.  We had conflicts and some troops who made it so hard for me to lead.  I’m sorry again. I don’t think it’s right for me to lead this army anymore. Also, I was suppose to quit last week. But I just could not. But now that aan did it, and I saw the reason, I decided to quit too. And now I feel happier. I’m not gonna regret it either. Also, I made an army that is less pressure than the aqua warriors and I feel safe and peaceful there. I don’t care about merging or whatever happens in the aqua warriors. I just hope it will suceed. Maybe I’ll visit sometime when things cooler off. Here are the people in the aqua warriors I’d like to thank:

Aan10- Was nice to me gave me a chance to actually lead this great army with him. You gave me a chance. But I just couldnt do it. Now, we are going down together.

Soundbooth- Great guy. Gave me my first rank. He was the reason why I probably joined this army. (card jitsu LOL) Probably the first friend I made here.

Khrome-Active, helpful and you were so awesome to the aqua warriors when you like just came! I hope you become more active.

Nubbythenub-The second friend I made on this army. Loyal guy!

Hearts-I didnt really know you but you always tried to come to events and helped aqua warriors.

Youtube-LOL, this led me to CP armies.


5 Responses

  1. you rocked! Bottom line xD

  2. gotta thank ephris for makin the army 😉

    Goodbye 😦

  3. if someone reads this i am one of aans best friends in aw i lead aw with him for almost a year and well i got the site the css also and i dont want aw to die so plzz make me admin on site im already on as a editor but if you need it my email is daytonawheeler@yahoo.com

    • Hey Chris. AW will be merging into the Golden Crew. You can talk to Panthers, the leader about getting a good position from the AW merge. I can recommend that you take my place as leader in AW for the merge and get a high merge rank. But I don’t know about bringing AW back. Anyway it was nice knowing you Chris, I don’t regret it! Have a good life.

  4. hwy emliz i will stay active and thank you for everthing you gave me my first promotion you were my first friend evrybody thought i was wierd for being so active you were the only one who stood by me thank you for that

    and if i ever become a owner of this army i will always think of you

    and to be honest i was going to retire but now im staying to keep the memory alive

    bye elimz

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