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Aan10’s Retirement

Soundbooht: Im adding you to meh contacts. Great dude. IDK what will happen to AW

Aan10 Edit: http://goldencrewcp.wordpress.com/ The site is brand new and under construction.

To my fellow Aqua Warriors and friends:

I would like to thank you all from the deepest place in my heart for some of the most memorable years of my life. You guys have all influenced me and made me into the person I am now. Now I know that you probably have read some other retirement stories or posts or essays. Whatever you prefer to call it, mine is different. I am not going to tell you how I am too old for this CP stuff, or how I am tired of it all, or how I don’t have time anymore. That is not an exucse, ever. You can always make room for something you love. I love everyone here (in an ungay way i swear, lol), and that is why I have stayed involved in CP Armies, Graphics, and News for so long. It has been three years now, and I can tell you, truthfully, I am ready to move on. For those of you who may be considering retiring or quitting, I have a small piece of wisdom to pass on. You will know when you are ready to retire. Do not let others tell you when you should quit. Only you can know when the right time is. Anyway, here is a list of people I would like to thank for their place in my life. If you are not mentioned it is not because I don’t consider you important, it’s because I would have to list just about every single person I have ever met and that would take FOREVER. In the course of three years, I have met a lot of interesting people.So here we are:

Soccerpr: I knew you 2 years ago in FGR (Fort Ghost Recon) and consider you a great mentor and influence on me and my entire CP warfare career. I won’t forget you. I only wish that you could see this though.
G Slush: You may be cuss happy, but you are a good kid. I’m glad we are friends. And I know you got my back when someone cusses at me, you cuss right back! Usually with a kick-ass comeback. I wish I knew as many as you, G, you have a freaking gift, just don’t let it get to your head. 😉

Nascar/ Jeremy: We met at Club Penguin Live. I like to say I knew you before you became “famous,” but I didn’t know you that well until you got more involved in armies and graphics. Then you became famous 🙂 I think you’re a great designer, I’d hire you!
Panthers Bas: I can’t even remember how we met, but I sure don’t regret it! You are awesome and I love doing graphics for you. I keep telling you you’re just as good if not better than me, but being the stubborn friend you are, won’t listen. I hope you become a really good graphic designer.

Chrisfarley2: You’ve really been with me just about the entire time huh buddy? I used to say to myself, “Why am I promoting this kid who can’t even spell right?” But I know exactly why. Your head is in the right place. You have a brain, sure you don’t dedicate it to spelling, but you are a truthful and loyal friend I was lucky to have.

Eddie1675: Friends, enemies, then best friends. How does that work exactly? Oh yeah, we suck at grudges and I forgive peopl easily! 😀 lol, you rock Eddie! I wish that whole AW conspiracy thing had turned out differently, but we got through it! We were friends again! I am SUPER glad we didn’t become bitter adversaries, and instead became better friends. I am jealsous of your graphic skills, as I am with Jeremy and Panthers. Keep it up and I won’t have reason to worry about what CP Armies would do without my sweet skillz.

Blazeboy136/ GPH136: We were best friends even though we didn’t know each other very long, and that must mean something. You are a great person with some great character! I look up to you and wish I could be more like you.

Dee: Would you call us friends? I guess were meant to be aquaintances, but I would definitly consider us friends. I look up to your leadership. You are a natural leader. I wouldn’t be surprised if you became the president one day, just remember to mention all of your CP friends! 🙂 Good luck man!

Soundbooth: I consider you one of my most important friends. We too, became good friends real quickly. I think Aqua Warriors also helped us become good friends. I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me and this army. It means a lot to me that you were so dedicated.

Elimz:I would like to personally thank you for your tremendous service in AW and your hard work to make this army great. I am glad you joined this army and have made such a difference.

All Soldiers in AW: Thanks you so much for your contributions you have made to me and this army. I appreciate it, and I commend it. If it wasn’t for any one person, AW would not be the same.Thank you everyone, mentioned or not, for everything. For even the simple “hey” when I went on a chat, or saying “bye” when I said gtg. I promise you, if you do that, you will make a friend.

I am not sad to be leaving, It is really my time. I am also in the process of moving, if you did not know. I am in the same state, but will be moving 4 hours away from my friends. 4 hours is just enough to be a little too far to drive for a visit with your friends, and I think retiring now, a week before I move, is a good idea.

Now as for the Aqua Warriors. Well, I have thought it over and have decided to merge into the Golden Crew of CP. You probably don’t know them , but my good friend Panthers Bas created them and I know he has a reputation for raising great armies in a matter of days.

Anyone who would like to contact me, my email is tsteel19104@gmail.com

Thanks for the memories!



7 Responses

  1. aan 10. You will be remembered. 😦

  2. i will keep in contact!

  3. goodbye 😦

  4. Goodbye Aan. I remember when i first joined AW about a year ago. AW was my very first cp army,and you were leader at the time. I didnt stay for long,but i was the one who recruited your very active 3ic wobblededo. Im trying not to turn this into an essay,but all i can say is thanks for the memories. Some of my best friends,and also the people that hold the most memories from my cp army times are retiring now,and i will truely miss them just as much as ill miss you(in an ungay way). So yes,thats all i can really say.


  5. Thanks Dogfood. I feel the same way.

    And bye Bid Now!

  6. athough i never truly knew you, you will still be a massive loss to me 😦

  7. bye aan u were a great friend ill miss u!

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