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Hey guys sorry for not talking and not being active but I have discovered something annoying. Our capital, Aurora seems to be in a conflict. One of the armies that said owned aurora is the Hydro Warriors. The leader who is lje, thought it was too inactive so he decided to change the name so it’s now Marine Troops. And they changed EVERYTHING like ranks and join and others. But what they didn’t change is their nation. They have the Aurora Declaration edited. This it what it says.

We, the Marine Troops of CP, officially declare the server Aurora as our capital, and as our prized jewel. We will do our best to defend, and if need be, obtain Aurora at all costs.

If any other army attempts to invade Aurora, we will defend. If any other army claims they own Aurora without invading us, we will declare war without hesitation.

Aurora is officially declared a Marine Troops server

Geez they completely renewed it why get the same nation? And  their army is like made in May 18th 2010. Wow. Aqua warriors started in like 2007. COME ON.

And here is another army that think they own Aurora. The fire troopers of club penguin.

Oh boy, we got a problem:
Apparently, both of our armies own Aurora. Aurora was passed down from my army, the Fire Flames, to the Fire Troopers, because us and the Fire Mafia combined to make them. I blame Silvertroy30, because he just randomly took servers.
I don’t want trouble, but if we should go to war, so be it. I’ll be willing to go to war over it.
Our site is
http://thefiretroopersofcp.wordpress.com . We may seem like a noob army, but we’re really not. The Fire Flames have been around since May of 2009. Leave a comment somewhere if you want war, and once we get settled as an army, we’ll respond.
-Hardy Storm

It’s not even their capital. And they said that some guy kept putting random servers. WOW. That’s just gay. And now they think its theirs! Poppycock!! I want war with them. But I am looking for alliance ships that are enemies with those armies.

We will have war soon.

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  2. aan or someone tell me the lin k to sg site

  3. they are oficially my enemies too, i will help although only im in my army sscp, oh and i might forget to check the site to see when the war is, (ill try not to) so whenever it is clear, gimme the details at http://screamingswordsofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/

  4. Umm…. m’kay.
    You want war? You got it.
    No bots or hacking of any kind
    No allies, unless allowed in a battle by opposing army
    All types of tactics are allowed
    Basically, all the same stuff.
    Put a comment on our site for invasion info, and we will change it if we need to or anything. You know the link.

  5. […] this: https://theaquawarriors.wordpress.com/2010/05/20/wow-2/. Apparently, they own Aurora (It seems like everyone owns it). Also, they called me a poppycock? […]

  6. My army is invading icicle next thursday 7pm gmt we are gonna kick your but my site is http://www.lilhuk.wordpress.com see you there!

  7. It DOES belong to Firre Troops. I look foward to having a war with you SO I CAN KICK YOUR ASS!

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